Pura Smart Home Fragrance Dispenser Starter Pack - Feminine Fragrances

Pura Smart Home Fragrance Dispenser Starter Pack - Feminine Fragrances

Full Control of Your Home's Fragrance from Your Smartphone
  • Premium Quality - Quality is the core value behind the deign
  • Durability - Products is made with polycarbonate which is known for its excellent physical properties, toughness and heat resistance
  • 2 Fragrances per Dispenser - Two different fragrances per dispenser for full scent customization
  • Schedule Management - Through the app you can create a custom schedule for each of your dispensers
  • Wi-Fi Enabled - Turn your dispenser on before you arrive home with guests so your home will feel clean and refreshed

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Due to the nature of this product, we cannot accept returns. Thank you for your understanding.


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  • Feminine Fragrances

    • Pink Jasmine - A rare pink jasmine blended with orchard fruits and orange flower with undernotes of sandalwood and white musk
    • Vanilla Chiffon - Envelop yourself in the enchanting warmth if soft sandalwood, and rich silky vanilla
    • Velvet Wineberry - A sumptuous berry burst with the velveteen softness of creamy vanilla and caramelized brown sugar
    • Yuzu Citron - The refreshing aroma blend of Japanese yuzu citrus and yuzu flowers creates beautiful, clean, floral and soft citrusy blends

    Customize Your Home Fragrances Right from Your Phone

    Pura Scents gives you full control over the fragrances throughout your home. The free app will help you manage the unique feature that Pura has to offer.

    From your smartphone, you can create a customized schedule for each individual room, turn your dispensers on and off, switch fragrances, enable automatic shut off, schedule your smart nightlight and pick from millions of color options for your light.

    Multiple dispenser control

    The app will allow you to control as many dispensers as you would like, in as many locations as you want.

    Cloud software updates

    Pura stives for consistent improvement. We will provide updates to allow your Pura dispenser to have the latest features and work other products such as Nest IFTTT, etc. All new updates are pushed through the could, so you constantly have latest software.

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    Manufacturer Pura
    UPC 860000513616
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    • 1x - Pura Dispenser
    • 1x - Pink Jasmine Fragrance
    • 1x - Vanilla Chiffon Fragrance
    • 1x - Velvet Wineberry Fragrance
    • 1x - Yuzu Citron Fragrance

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