Protected Home FA-700 FreezeAlarm Dialer

Protected Home FA-700 FreezeAlarm Dialer

Protect Your Home, Cabin or Business Against Winter Freeze Up As Well As Unexpected Rise in Temperature
  • Automatically dials any telephone number when the temperature inside your home, cabin or business drops below 45



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  • The Protected Home FA-700 FreezeAlarm Dialer offers a cost effective way to protect your home, cabin or business against winter freeze up and the resulting water damage caused by frozen, burst pipes. The FreezeAlarm Dialer automatically calls out to a pre-programmed telephone number if the temperature drops below 45°F (7°C). Additionally, the FreezeAlarm Dialer can be set to alarm if the temperature rises above 85°F (29°C). The Dialer continues to call until the alarm is acknowledged - calls every 15 minutes or every 2 hours (user selectable). Operates during a power failure* (uses 2 AA batteries for back-up power - not included). Calls out to warn if the backup batteries are low and need replacing. Uses existing telephone line, DSL or VOIP phone connections, and Works flawlessly with answering machines or voice mail systems. Use for computer rooms, greenhouses, second homes or business.
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    Freezealarm Dialer FA-700 Review by taffy
    Freezealarm Dialer FA-700

    I bought this product on a recommendation and good reviews. It failed me! I was gone for 3 mos. My friend also checked my house and found a burst pipe. After $1700 of repairs and replacing a nonfunctioning thermostate I returned home. Only then did the calls come in to my cell phone (the same phone I had while away) to say "a drop in temp. has been received but has been corrected". Why did this call not come to my cell phone 8 days ago when the drop in temperature took place? I could have called the heating service on time and kept the pipes from bursting.

    Posted on 3/5/2015

    Review of 70037 Review by JAMES
    Review of 70037

    A very good price for this Alarm Dialer. This dialer is both a Freeze and Hi Temerature Alarm although the discription does not show that. Also it has battery backup for power loss.

    Posted on 2/26/2014

    Review of 70037 Review by ROGER
    Review of 70037

    Easy to install and test. Great for piece of mind when not at home.

    Posted on 2/20/2014

    Review of 70037 Review by HARVEY
    Review of 70037

    Works as advertised.There was no problem with installing the product

    Posted on 11/6/2013

    Review of 70037 Review by NANCY
    Review of 70037

    Did the test set up seems to work fine
    will fully set up in fall when we are out of town for a few days.

    Posted on 8/8/2012

    Review of 70037 Review by BERT
    Review of 70037

    the FA-700 is a very basic unit, but it does what it is supposed to. very limited control - fixed message and fixed temp (45)and calls only one phone number, but at that price, they do very well. you can call to check alarm condition, but a bit tricky. overall, it works well for a great price. of course you need a ground phone line for it to work.

    Posted on 2/17/2012

    Review of 70037 Review by CAROLYN
    Review of 70037

    Great product. Easy to setup and use. Well worth the money.

    Posted on 1/16/2011

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