Remote Control Your Home
Minutes to Install - No Wiring Required

Wireless Control Kits

It’s easy to set up and remotely control lighting and appliances using an Insteon Mini Remote with an Insteon Plug-In Dimmer Module and Insteon Plug-In On/Off Appliance Module. Simply plug a lamp or appliance in to the module, plug the module into an outlet and sync the handheld mini remote to the module. It's easy to link devices - see below. It takes only minutes to setup and wirelessly control lights or appliances throughout your home from the comfort of your couch or while lying in bed.


Table Lamps   Floor Lamps   Desk Lamps   Electric Fans   Other Lamps   Electric Heaters   Air Purifiers   Wax Warmers   Coffee Makers

Wireless Control Kits
Wireless Control Kits
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