Insteon Keypads
One-Button Control Over Your Entire Home

Every Insteon Keypad is a powerful combination of a wall switch and a remote control. Chose a Keypad that dims (or doesn't) and be sure that either can handle whatever you throw at them. Insteon Keypads come in both 6 button and 8 button configurations and support easy control of other Insteon devices and scenes throughout your home.

The Most Popular Insteon Keypads

      6 Button Dimmer Keypad   8 Button Dimmer Keypad   6 Button On/Off Keypad      

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Link the Insteon Keypad to Any of These Devices
(as Shown in the Example Above)

On/Off Switch   Door Lock Controller   Garage Controller Kit   Dimmer Switch   Dimmer Module   Insteon LED Bulb   PAR 38 Bulb   Ceiling Fan Module   220V Load Controller

Here’s an example of how easy it is to link Insteon devices:

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