Hot Water for Your Shower in Seconds, No Waiting, No Wasting


Hot Water for Your Shower in Seconds, No Waiting, No Wasting

The Chilipepper is a little, yet powerful hot water pump which mounts under your sink. Once installed, hot water is pumped rapidly from your hot water heater to either your sink or shower with just the push of a button. It works with all water heaters - traditional, tankless, or even solar heaters. The small but powerful device operates at 1/3 of a horsepower which makes it the most powerful pump for any residential hot water system. The increased power means less wait time for you while you wait for your hot water, regardless of how long your pipes are.

The Chilipepper is compatible with INSTEON and X10 devices as well, meaning you can add another layer of convenience to any installation.

Getting started
Here is the diagram we are working from:

Installing the Chilipepper with INSTEON
For this demonstration we are using the following products:

1 # 54001 Chilipepper Hot Water Demand Pump
1 #2450 INSTEON I/O Linc
1 # 2487S KeypadLinc Dimmer

Aside from the above; you will also need basic tools (required for Chilipepper) and 20-22 gauge wire and a knowledge of home plumbing.

The installation for the Chilipepper will vary widely depending on your own home's plumbing so for this quick example we will assume that you have already installed the Chilipepper and connected properly to your homes plumbing (you do not need to have the on/off switch installed).

Step 1 - Verify that the Chilipepper is properly installed and test that it is working properly. You can touch the two leads together and the pump should turn on.

Step 2 - Connect the control wires from the Chilipepper into the I/O Linc per the following wiring diagram (make sure your wires are long enough to reach the location the I/O Linc will be plugged into).

Step 3 - Plug the I/O Linc into the outlet that the Chilipepper is plugged into and then plug the Chilipepper into the Always On plug at the front of the I/O Linc.

Step 4 - Install the KeypadLinc switch into the location you wish to control your hot water from (note that any INSTEON controller can be used to control the I/O Linc and subsequently the Chilipepper) and link the devices. See the installation guide for directions on linking INSTEON devices.

Test the system to make sure everything is working properly and you're done!

Click here for more information on INSTEON and home automation.

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