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If your Insteon system consists of a desktop timer and a couple of modules, chances are you won't encounter signal-strength problems. But if you're using several Insteon switches, modules, and controllers throughout the house and want to assure maximum reliability, you'll need to supplement your system with the FilterLinc 10-Amp Plug-In Noise Filter. The dual-function 10-amp plug-in noise filter not only block unwanted interference on the power line, it also prevents other devices from attenuating your signals—resulting in a virtually problem-free Insteon system.

The FilterLinc 10-Amp Plug-In Noise Filter blocks interference from many household appliances and fixtures, preventing it from polluting the power line. The 10-amp plug-in noise filter also prevents Insteon signal absorption that occurs when equipment misreads the signals as noise. A feed-through outlet is a new feature built into the 10-amp plug-in noise filter, preventing you from having to unplug the filter anytime you're looking for an available plug. For added convenience, the 10-amp plug-in noise filter is fully compatible with FM intercoms and Home PNA devices.

Eliminates Electrical Noise from the Power Line

One of the most common (and easily correctable) problems that may adversely affect Insteon signals is electrical "noise," or interference. The more interference there is on the power line, the more difficult it is for Insteon receivers to detect signals from controllers. It's like trying to have a conversation in a room when the music is playing too loud. But the FilterLinc 10-Amp Plug-In Noise Filter blocks that interference, preventing it from polluting the power line. Common sources of interference include refrigerators, freezers, plug-in fluorescent fixtures, aquarium filters, fountains, low-voltage lighting, fans, or anything with a motor.

Prevents Insteon Signal Absorption

Another common, yet easily correctable, problem affecting Insteon signals is signal attenuation, or absorption. Because some devices are built with power supplies that kill noise on the AC line—and they often mistake Insteon signals for noise—these devices may absorb Insteon signals before their arrival at the receiving module. But the 10-amp plug-In noise filter eliminates those obstacles by blocking Insteon signals from getting to them in the first place. The most common sources of signal attenuation include computers and audio/video equipment, particularly big-screen TVs.

Feed-Through Outlet for Added Convenience

The 10-amp plug-in noise filter also offers several new features that have never been available on plug-in noise filters, like a feed-through outlet that prevents you from having to unplug the filter anytime you're looking for an available plug. Plus, the plug-in noise filter's high 49.4dB attenuation at 120kHz provides maximum protection at the Insteon 120kHz frequency. The 10-amp plug-in noise filter is fully compatible with FM intercoms and Home PNA devices. The noise filter is also safety tested and approved to ensure the highest degree of protection.

Tech Tip: A quick way to test if an electrical device is adding interference on the power line or absorbing INSTEON signals is to unplug the device and re-transmit the signal.

Where to Install FilterLinc Noise Filters

Many electrical devices in your home may cause interference with your Insteon. These devices will either inject electrical noise onto your home's electrical wires or they may absorb or trap the power line communications signals.

Common products that may interfere with your Insteon system:

  • Televisions, stereo components, satellite and cable receivers
  • Computers, monitors, and accessories
  • Computer UPS's (Uninterruptable Power Supplies)
  • Power strips
  • Power supplies for laptops and cell phones
  • Fluorescent and HID lighting
  • Motorized devices like refrigerators, pumps, air conditioners
  • Low-voltage lighting that use light-weight solid-state transformers

Here is how to test if an electrical device is causing problems:

  1. Unplug the device (don't just turn it off)
  2. Re-try controlling the receiver module that is experiencing poor communications to determine if it is now working better.
  3. If the controlled product begins working after the electrical device is unplugged, then install a FilterLinc on that electrical device.
Manufacturer Insteon
Manufacturer Product No. 1626-10
UPC 718122395118
Dimensions (H x W x D) 4.26" (10.82cm) x 2.47" (6.274cm) x 1.5" (3.81cm)
Weight .6 lbs. (0.272kg)
Power filtered outlet: 10A, max
unfiltered outlet: 15A, max
combined total: 15A, max
Plug-In Wall Outlet 120-volt, 3-prong
Attenuation 49.2dB @ 120kHz
Color White
Warranty 2 Years
  • 1x - Insteon Noise Filter Unit
  • 1x - User Manual

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