Eaton Arrow Hat Decorative Screwless Wall Plate - 4-Gang




Screw less wall plate, virtually unbreakable and present a clean, minimalist look that can be changed in seconds. Easy installation, simply screw the mounting plate onto the wiring device and press into place. It's made of a durable polycarbonate that is virtually unbreakable and resists abrasion and impact damage. The Eaton wall plate comes in a high-gloss finish that is soil resistant. It provides an easy installation that obscures screws through a proprietary screw-catch design.

Manufacturer Eaton
Manufacturer Product No. PJS26W - 1-Gang
PJS262W - 2-Gang
PJS263W - 3-Gang
PJS264W - 4-Gang
Color White
Material Plastic
  • 1x - Eaton Screw less Wall Plate, 1 Gang

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