Aeotec Z-Wave Plus Range Extender

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Boosts wireless signals.

Wireless technology isn’t always perfect, that’s why Aeotec makes Range Extender 7 – a simple, almost plug and play device that works to perfect your home automation system. It receives Z-Wave and Z-Wave Plus signals, amplifies them, and then rebroadcasts them to your Z-Wave automation network, boosting their range and reliability.

Z-Wave Maximized, up to 250% Further Wireless Range.

50% Faster Z-Wave communication. There is no buffering and lagging for stronger wireless performance and coverage. Eliminate Z-Wave Dead Zones. Anywhere in your home, you can enjoy z-wave freely, achieving seamless automation.

Suitable for Z-Wave Security System

Range Extender 7 is built upon the most advanced wireless automation technology available. It couples Aeotec unique Gen7 technology stack, with Z-Wave Plus V2 and 700 series. That allows it a massive range of improvements including S2 security and SmartStart installation.

Perfect compatibility.

Range Extender 7 is compatible with most of your home’s Z-Wave devices. Offering universal compatibility, it’s able to repeat and amplify Z-Wave signals from all generations of Z-Wave including 300 series, 500 series, 500 series, and Gen5.

Manufacturer Aeotec
Manufacturer Product No. ZW189-A01
Weight 0.176 ounces
Dimensions 1.6 x 1.4 x 1.2 inches
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