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Sony 900MHz RF Wireless Speaker System Sony 900MHz RF Wireless Speaker System
By Lawson Wong


Take Your Music Anywhere

You have your high-end stereo set up perfectly in the living room, and it rocks. With such a sweet system, you want to enjoy it wherever you are in your home. The Sony RF Wireless Speaker System makes it a reality. Broadcasting over RF, this wireless speaker system runs on a rechargeable battery, granting you the flexibility to listen to your system anywhere on your property -- inside or out.

Stylish and Portable

The entire speaker system consists of a small saucer-shaped transmitter and a cylindrical speaker that also functions as the receiver. Known for pleasing aesthetics, the Sony Speaker System does not disappoint, boasting an attractive design with its sleek metallic silver coating and blue lights offering a futuristic appeal. Powered by the included AC adapter or integrated rechargeable battery, the portable 9" x 12" x 5" speaker allows you to take it anywhere.

Right Out Of The Box

Sony offers up an easy-to-install and -use system. Connect the transmitter to any audio source (stereo system, MP3 player, television, etc.) via the standard RCA and stereo mini jacks, and the receiver will automatically tune in to receive the signal. A single push of a button toggles among the 3 available transmission channels to get the optimal signal reception.


Since my entire 10-gig music library lives on my home office PC, I connected the transmitter to it for my testing. While Sony claims a 150-foot transmission range, keep in mind that real-world performance will largely depend on the setup, location and materials of the walls and floors of your home. From my upstairs office, I was able to get a signal downstairs in the kitchen, as well as on both the front and back patios. Be warned that the system broadcasts over 900 MHz RF and will clash with some cordless telephones that run on the same frequency, so experimenting with the location of your speaker may help reduce interference. Moreover, people living in wirelessly noisy areas may experience unbearable interference regardless of speaker location, so caveat emptor.

The 4-watt amps provide surprisingly decent sound quality and would sound great for us by the pool or for supplying background music by the barbecue grill. With limited bass and sound distortion at high volumes, you won't be cranking it up for any dance parties.

In continuous use, I got just a shade under the Sony-claimed 3.5 hours of battery life. For indoor use, you can plug in the included AC adapter for unlimited operation. The battery recharges in about 20 hours.

Who's It For

Though it won't come close to blowing your roof off, this portable and easy-to-use speaker is far cheaper than running wires around the house. The Sony RF Wireless Speaker System offers a great way to enjoy your music almost anywhere you want without having to wire your house.


Sony 900MHz RF Wireless Speaker System
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