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Skullcandy LINK BackpackSkullcandy LINK Backpack
By Lawson Wong


Packed With Style and Function

We live in a world of flash over substance and a "Pimp My Ride" attitude. Our electronic gadgets - cell phones, PDAs and iPods - are treasured not only for their functionality but also for the opportunity they lend us to express our own sense of style. Today's accessories for our gadgets and doohickeys are just as important if not more so than the gizmos themselves. The Skullcandy LINK Pack blends cutting-edge fashion with clever functionality that lets you play your music and answer your mobile phone, all through the slick-looking bag.

A Place for Everything

First and foremost, the LINK Pack is a nylon knapsack with plenty of room to carry all your books, documents, and even a small pet, if you so choose. A special padded slot will keep a laptop computer (up to 17-inch) well protected, and multiple pockets hold your glasses, cell phone, CD player and up to 10 CD/DVDs in special slots. The designers pay homage to their snowboarding roots with a hip and cool pack that you won't mind taking up to the slopes.

How It Works

Slip your phone and digital music players into the appropriate zippered pockets located on the straps and you can enjoy your iPod (or the like) and take calls on your cell phone through the pack. The pack includes five phone adapters that will fit a plethora of phones, including Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and more. The integrated system uses a battery-powered (4 AA batteries, included) amplifier to power 60 x 40mm speakers that are designed to weather rain, sleet or snow. Sewn into the right strap sits a control panel that gives you access to power, volume and phone controls. If cruising down the boulevard blasting music like a modern-time ghetto-blaster doesn't jive with you, plug in the LINK Cell Phone/Music Headphones to the LINK Pack's headphone jack and you're ready to rock, discreetly.


Jamming a kitchen-sink amount of junk - a 17-inch laptop, an inch-thick stack of documents, mobile phone, iPod, a hardbound copy of Webster's dictionary and a box of Triscuits -- into the roomy carry-on pack, I still had plenty of room for a couple of water bottles and a couple of paperback novels.

The small speakers boast surprisingly good sound quality on both music playback and phone conversations. My conversation partner's voice rang crisp and clear with decent volume, and although she could hear me clearly, she experienced feedback trying to hear my voice - especially bad when I was on the move with the rustling of the strap against my shoulder.

Skullcandy's LINK system allows you to use both your phone and digital music player at the same time. When a call comes in, the system automatically lowers the volume of your music player before answering the call. You can talk into the microphone built into the right strap or converse through the LINK Cell Headphones. Genius!

Overall, the padded straps provide a comfy and snug fit. Narrow-shouldered individuals may find the fit not to their liking, but with all the functions and style, it's hard to complain.

Who's It For

Targeted towards our music- and phone-obsessed youth, the tricked-out LINK Pack is the ultimate cell phone/MP3 player accessory that anyone can appreciate, not just for its flashy exterior but for its practical functionality as well.


Skullcandy LINK Backpack
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