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By Lawson Wong

Peace of Mind

Whether living in Podunk, Michigan or Los Angeles, we are all concerned about the safety of our homes and loved ones. Set up surveillance cameras for the peace of mind you need. Securityman offers a low-cost solution with its Pandome camera, which offers great images and pan/tilt functionality.

What It Is

Encased in a sturdy plastic, weatherproof housing, this dome camera works both indoors and out. With both manual and automatic panning, the camera allows 180 degrees of coverage so you can monitor a large area with just a single camera. Measuring 4.72? by 4.53?, the compact camera can be mounted anywhere ? on a ceiling or wall (with the included mounting kit).

Fully self-contained, the camera kit also comes with everything you need to set it up: a controller that lets you manually control the left/right panning, a 12-volt AC adapter to power the camera, and a 100-foot BNC video cable to connect to any monitor or digital video recorder (DVR).

The camera outputs to both NTSC and PAL video formats and offers 420 TV lines of horizontal resolution.

Manual and Automatic Control

You can toggle between auto and manual panning with a single press of a button, similar to shifting from 2- to 4-wheel drive in an off-road truck. Set it to automatic mode and the camera will continuously pan back and forth at a speed of 5 degrees per second in a 120-degree arc. In manual mode, you can rotate the camera back and forth using buttons on the controller. You can also customize the angle of tilt and focus for your camera by manually adjusting it by hand.

Hook It Up

Once you have the camera mounted (with three simple screws), the PanDome has a Y-connector for plugging in the power adapter and the BNC cable that outputs to a monitor or recorder. If you are handy, you can easily set this up yourself. While the 5-foot power cable and 100-foot video cable should be sufficient to get your camera up and running, additional wiring may be required, depending on the setup of your home. Power

Good Value

While other surveillance cameras are available in the same price range, the PanDome trumps them with motorized panning and manual tilt features without the use of a computer. In addition to getting more for your dollar, the PanDome?s ?: CCD color analog lens provides a sharp image with surprisingly vibrant colors, so you can easily see any potential intruders on the monitor or replayed from your DVR.

Let There Be Light!

Without any infrared capabilities, the PanDome works best as a dawn-to-dusk camera or in well-lit areas, such as poolside in the home or in a stairwell or the front of the store for business use. To monitor low light areas, look for an infrared/night illumination surveillance camera.

Who’s It For

The Securityman PanDome camera offers many nice features such as pan and tilt at an affordable price. While the camera is ill suited for use in low-light areas, this camera kit provides you with everything necessary to get a surveillance camera up in your home with a high-resolution lens to boot. Get the piece of mind you need without breaking the bank.


PanDome Outdoor Pan Control Color Camera Kit
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