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Bio Trainer Weight Loss SystemProfessional Mini-Tracker
By Lawson Wong

Don't Just Count Steps

If you're serious about losing weight, you must get the necessary equipment to maximize your efforts. While pedometers help track your steps on a run, you can take your workout to the next level with the Bio Trainer Weight Loss System. This clip-on device keeps track of every single movement you make and then calculates the number of calories burned based on your overall physical activity. We run this nifty gadget through its paces.

What It Is

Encased in a silver-grey plastic casing, the compact and lightweight Bio Trainer sports a clam-shaped design that you can easily clip onto a belt or other parts of your clothing. The ACTIVITY, CALORIE and SET buttons sit next to an easy-to-read black and white digital display. Unlike pedometers that track only the steps you take, the Bio Trainer uses an integrated motion sensor and a tri-axis accelerometer to measure the calories you burn throughout a whole day's activities. Powered by a standard 3-volt coin battery, the highly sensitive accelerometer can measure the tiniest movements, so it doesn't matter whether you are walking the dog or gardening in your yard, the device will calculate how many calories you've burned based on all your body movements.

How It Works

To get started, you just need to enter your weight (either in kilograms or pounds) into the Bio Trainer using the 3-button interface. Now clip the device to your belt or on the waistband of your pants/shorts/sweats and go about your normal day, and it will track your daily Calorie Burn, Activity and Time-In-Motion. The 10-day memory feature will keep track of all this information so you can see what activities on which day burned the most calories. In Activity mode, it records your total activity (movements) for the day. With 12 Activity Bars - each representing a burn of 50 calories, you can eliminate each bar by accumulating 2000 activity points. The Time-In-Motion mode indicates how much time your body has been in motion in one day, recording down to the second so you will know which days you've been lazy.

Burn Baby Burn

Okay, I admit it. I lean towards the couch potato side of the active spectrum rather than the weekend warrior end. So you can imagine my fiancée's exuberant reaction when I told her I was going to review a "fitness" product. Knowing that I'm on the wrong side of 30 years old and must lose the promised 10 pounds before my wedding, I put down the remote, laced up the old sneakers and clipped on the Bio Trainer.

At first, I just went about my normal day to see what my typical calorie burn was. In Activity Mode, I predictably scored poorly, eliminating two Activity Bars or about 100 calories -- equivalent to about half a banana. Pathetic!

With the evil device (the Bio Trainer) mocking me with my pitiful calorie burn score, I set out on a more rigorous activity schedule for the weekend: vacuuming the house, washing the dishes, folding laundry and actually walking (gasp!) the 5 blocks to the store for a quart of milk. By the end of the weekend, the Bio Trainer gave me its approval -- recording a threefold increase in my calorie burn from my previous sloth-like ways.

With marked improvement, I began to get more "active" in my daily life. I walked instead of driving to lunch, took the stairs instead of the elevator and even went for a walk/jog after work with the fiancée. The Bio Trainer tracked the calories burned per day, and it became a game with me trying to stay active to burn even more calories. I even went so far as to jog in place when carrying on a conversation - this of course was done only in the privacy of my own home. At the end of day 10, I could look back to see my progress over that span to see which days I was most "active" so I could better understand how to live a more active and healthier lifestyle. In the end, I'm not sure how accurate my trusty calorie-tracking sidekick actually is, but it does help you lose weight if nothing more than by being a motivational tool. Ten-pound loss, here I come!

Who It's For

Whether you need to lose holiday weight or just want to get fit, the Bio Trainer makes it easy to track your progress to help motivate you to your goal. If you are looking for a pedometer to help with your weight loss, take the high tech route and go for the Bio Trainer.


Bio Trainer Weight Loss System
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