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Reporter Wirefree Intercom Reporter Wirefree Intercom
By Lawson Wong


Wireless and Flexible

Tired of yelling across the house to talk to your husband, kid or roommate? Save your throat from all the shouting with the Reporter Wireless Intercom System, which allows you to communicate with any room in the house with a push of a button. Battery-powered and communicating over the 900MHz frequency, the portable and completely wireless units offering maximum flexibility so you can place them virtually anywhere in your house. Perfect for the home, the units also have a myriad of other uses including the office, motor homes and camping.

What It Is

The Reporter System includes two black communication stations roughly the size of a digital answering machine. Along the right side of the device face sit the CHANNEL SELECT, TALK and VOLUME buttons. Light indicators show channel selection, power on/off and activity. Attached to the left side of the device, the antennae can be adjusted, rotating 360 degrees to provide maximum communication range. With unlimited expansion capabilities, you can add additional intercom units or use with a Flushmount Intercom Set.


Setup is a breeze. Just pop in four AA batteries in each unit and link the units together. To link, press the CHANNEL SELECT button to choose among the four available channels and press the LEARN button on the back of the device. Within 10 seconds, push the LEARN button on the unit(s) you want to add to the network and you're done. Test that the units are linked by pressing the TALK button to communicate between the two units.

How It Works

Unlike other intercom systems, the Reporter creates a secure connection between any two units. When you press and hold the TALK button, all units in the network will receive your signal. Once another user presses his unit's TALK button, those two units will have a private conversation, blocking out any other units on the network from listening in on the conversation. If you want to talk to everyone in the network, you can set the intercom to Conference Mode by flipping dipswitch #1 next to the LEARN button to the UP position (both dipswitches are set down at default). This allows any number of units to join a conversation, not just the two in standard mode.

By holding down the TALK and VOLUME buttons, you can set the Intercom System into Monitor Mode. With this voice-activated mode you no longer have to press the TALK button to speak another unit - speak loudly enough and your voice will automatically activate the intercom. Ideal for use as a baby room monitor, you can adjust the sensitivity of the voice pickup with the VOLUME button.


With a claimed maximum range of 1000 feet, the unit did test well within signal range, even with units in the farthest reaches of my home - one in the garage and one in the farthest upstairs bedroom. Voice transmissions impressed, boasting crisp and clear digital sound with the volume bordering on almost too loud. Although it may be great for those hard of hearing or in large rooms, you can ramp down the sound to a comfortable decibel level with the VOLUME button.

While any 12-volt power adapter (sold separately) will power the units, you will not need it, as the Reporter Wirefree Intercom System claims an outstanding battery life of up to a year in regular use and up to four months in monitoring mode on just four AA batteries (sold separately).

Who's It For

Whether you live in a modest-sized home or Bill Gates' compound, you will find these portable units a perfect fit for your needs. With no wires, you can place them virtually anywhere - in the garage, on the patio or bring a pair on camping trips to communicate between tents - and never have to shout to communicate again.


Reporter Wirefree Intercom
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