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Mobile Pocket Power Universal ChargerMobile Pocket Power Universal Charger
By Lawson Wong

Portable Power

Whether for business or pleasure, we all bring along our cell phones, laptops, MP3 players, digital cameras and any other electronic doohickey that will make travel easier and more convenient. However, you would need to lug along a bevy of power adaptors to charge all those gadgets. The IOGEAR?s GearJuice Mobile Pocket Power -- a portable gadget charger -- recharges all your gizmos without requiring all those power adaptors. Moreover, it also eliminates the hassle of finding a power outlet on the road.

What It Is

With a sleek black finish, the GearJuice is essentially a lithium battery pack that can charge your electronic equipment. Measuring 2.25? x 3.25? x 0.5?, the palm-sized device fits easily in any pants pocket or purse. This lightweight charger sports a four-bar LED that lets you know how much power is left in the charger, which has both a standard USB port and a DC jack on the side of the device. Also included are: a coiled USB cable, a power adapter and seven interchangeable tips. The tips are compatible with hundreds of devices, including cell phones, iPods and Blackberrys.

How It Works

The GearJuice uses the USB cable to charge itself and your gadgets. If you do not have a PC or laptop readily available, an included AC power adaptor attachment allows you to plug into a wall outlet to recharge the unit.

To charge your electronic toys, attach the corresponding tip to the end of the included USB cable and you?re good to go. While the seven included tips are compatible with a gamut of devices from manufacturers, such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung and even Apple (the iPhone), it may not cover every electronic device you own. Fortunately, you can probably find the right tip for your device from IOGEAR?s website.


In our testing, we were able to charge up a nearly dead Sony Ericsson cell phone in just under 2 hours ? not bad for a portable charger. Better yet, we were able to use the cell phone as it charged.

Using the USB connection with a laptop computer, it took over three hours to charge the GearJuice fully from empty. With a fully charged GearJuice, we were able to recharge a cell phone completely three times. IOGEAR claims the portable charger will last through 500 full charge cycles.

Who?s It For

The stylish and lightweight IOGEAR GearJuice is a must-have companion for the modern traveler. Perfect for business travelers but great for vacationers, you will no longer worry if your electronic gadgets will run out of juice.


Mobile Pocket Power Universal Charger
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