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Dock-N-Talk Cellphone StationDock-n-Talk
By Lawson Wong


Let Your Cell Phone Be Your Only Phone

If you are anything like me, your cell phone is probably your only phone. I figured that my land line was only good for getting unwelcome phone calls from rude telemarketers and annoying family members (I kid). However, the small form factor of most cell phones don't cater to marathon chats with your girlfriend, wife, mom, shrink or whomever. With the $149.99 Dock-N-Talk Cellphone Station, you can now make and receive calls on any standard home phone using your cell phone's service. Best of all, it will recharge your mobile at the same time.

What It Is

The Dock-N-Talk packs all its features into a nondescript, grey 4.25 x 4.25 x 1.25-inch box that will fit virtually anywhere. The package also includes an AC adapter, a telephone cord and an easy-to-follow instruction manual. You will need to purchase the necessary cable ($19.99) to connect your cell phone. While newer and obscure phones may run into some compatibility issues, the Dock-N-Talk supports over 950 cell phones, including popular models from Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and more. Keep in mind there is no universal adaptor, so make sure you purchase the appropriate cable for your cell phone. You may need to purchase multiple cables if you plan to use multiple cell phones from different manufacturers. Alternatively, you can use a $79.99 Bluetooth module to sync with your Bluetooth-enabled cell phone. Whether over cable or Bluetooth, you can only connect one mobile to the Dock-N-Talk at a time. When connected over the cable, the unit conveniently acts as a recharge station for your cell.


Setting up the Dock-N-Talk is a breeze. Just plug in the power cable and connect your corded or cordless home or office phone to the module with the included phone cord. Pressing the Setup Ringing Button on the Dock-N-Talk will ring your phone to confirm the connection. Now connect your mobile via the adaptor cable and you're ready to go. Syncing with the Bluetooth Adaptor mirrors the simplicity of the cable setup. Attach the Bluetooth Module to the unit and pair it with your mobile the same as you would other Bluetooth devices.

If you don't have a land line phone service, you can connect the Dock-N-Talk to a wall jack and it will connect all the phones plugged into any wall jack in the house. Connecting the Dock-N-Talk into any live phone service will simply not work unless your house is wired to have two separate phone lines. Now you can dock your cell phone and never miss a call no matter what part of the house you're in.


No instructions are needed for using the Dock-N-Talk. Whether dialing or receiving calls, just pick up and use your land line phone as you normally would. In my testing, I couldn't separate the volume and voice quality from that of a normal phone. Signal reception will depend solely on where you place your phone. Just make sure to put the Dock-N-Talk in an area in your home or office where you can get the best signal. While you get all the benefits of your cell phone plan, including free long distance, you will be burning through the minutes on your plan.

The other features like call waiting and speed dialing worked like a charm. The nifty call transfer function performed wonderfully as I easily switch over from a live call on my mobile to the Dock-N-Talk system without missing a beat.

Who's It For

Perfect for a dorm, the Talk-N-Dock also works great in your home or office. Although the price may deter some, the device will pay for itself when you shift to a one phone world. Now you can have your cake and eat it too with the comfort and convenience of a home phone without the monthly land line phone service charges.


Dock-N-Talk Cellphone Station
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