INSTEON updates the Outdoor Plug-In On/Off Module to include Dual-Band

February 14, 2013

IRVINE, CA- INSTEON®, manufacturer of the best-selling, most reliable home automation and control technology, today announced an update to the popular INSTEON Outdoor Plug-In On/Off Module, now with the addition of dual-band INSTEON technology. Featuring the same great design and reliability as the single-band Outdoor Plug-In On/Off Module, the new dual-band version increases INSTEON signal propagation and enables placement in areas where a power line-only signal might not have previously reached.

“Once you’re hooked on INSTEON, you start looking for every light and device you can control. Our new dual-band Outdoor On/Off Module is going to let homeowners control anything they can plug-in outside without worrying about electrical phases or signal bridges. Dual-band really makes INSTEON the most reliable home networking technology.”

The dual-band INSTEON Outdoor Plug-in On/Off Module can control any plug-in light or appliance including non-dimmable fluorescents up to 15A. Weather rated for outdoor conditions, the module has been tested for reliable operation in temperatures from -4ºF to 122ºF (-20ºC to 50ºC) and its rugged NEMA 3R-rated enclosure provides protection against falling rain and ice formation.

The dual-band INSTEON Outdoor Plug-In On/Off Module retails for $49.99. For more information about INSTEON or the dual-band INSTEON Outdoor Plug-In On/Off Module, visit www.insteon.com/outdoor

With its simple installation and setup process and trustworthy communication, INSTEON has become the industry’s premier remote control networking technology. Plug-in modules and in-wall switches make it possible to add wireless control to any appliance in a home or business without having to hire a contractor. By making every networked device talk to each other via radio frequencies and existing electrical wiring, INSTEON eliminates the need for custom wiring.


INSTEON is the best selling Home Area Networking (HAN) technology on the market. It is the only mesh network capable of utilizing two independent means of communication, RF and powerline thus also making it the most reliable technology. With over 200 products on the market, INSTEON makes it is easy to link together home systems such as lighting, security, HVAC (comfort control), A/V, appliances, and sensors, allowing them to be controlled or monitored from anywhere in the world.

About SmartLabs®
Founded in 1992, SmartLabs, Inc. is an integrated technology company in the Home Area Networking (HAN) and Building Automation System (BAS) markets. SmartLabs is organized into three divisions: SmartLabs Technology, the pioneering architects of INSTEON wireless HAN technology; SmartLabs Design, which designs and develops Smarthome® products; and Smarthome Direct, which sells its own, as well as, third-party products to consumers via its award-winning website - Smarthome.com, through their direct mail catalog and via their brick and mortar retail store located in Irvine, CA.

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