Smarthome Launches New 8.4" and 15" Cortexa Touchscreens


Smarthome™ Launches New 8.4" and 15" Cortexa™ Touchscreens

Irvine, CA - December 17, 2009 - Smarthome announced today that it has expanded its Cortexa home automation product offering by launching the new 8.4" and 15" touchscreens.

"Smarthome has always been a supporter of Cortexa, and we are proud to continue that relationship with the introductions of our new touchscreens," said Jesse Lind, Cortexa Head of Sales and Operations. "These affordable and powerful screens finally bring all the pieces of Cortexa together. We now have a unique, reliable and complete home automation product suite."

Cortexa's new touchscreens are powerful and offer fast processors, flush mounting, acrylic bezels, capacitive soft-touch configurable buttons, webcams and more. Cortexa's robust solid-state touchscreens enable access to the Cortexa Home Automation Controller. Third party web-based or Windows based applications can also be configured. Cortexa's new touchscreens are RoHS compliant, energy-efficient and reliable for years of always-on service through the XPe embedded OS.

The perfect compliment to the Cortexa controller series, the touchscreens are ideal for any web or Win-based application where an in-wall location and touch access are essential. This robust, solid-state smartscreen offers unwavering stability with a low-heat, high performance fanless processor. The acrylic bezel frame offers four soft-touch sensing buttons, webcam and microphone with two amplified speakers.

"The Cortexa touchscreens provide consumers with the ultimate in touchscreen control for a variety of home automation systems, security and surveillance systems, and whole home audio/video systems," stated Laurie Maroni, Vice President of Marketing at Smarthome. "Cortexa also offers a free iPhone application that allows users to control their home automations remotely, which syncs with the touchscreen."

The Cortexa line of home automation products can be found at


About Smarthome
Founded in 1992, Smarthome™, a division of SmartLabs, Inc., was created based on the realization of a need for automated products that make lives easier, safer and more enjoyable. Today, Smarthome sells more than 5,000 hard-to-find products, including home automation solutions featuring award-winning INSTEON technology. Smarthome sells online at, through their award-winning direct mail catalog and via their brick and mortar retail store located in Irvine, CA.

About Cortexa
Cortexa™ intelligent home management systems bring together everything a home owner wants and expects from their home - security and peace-of-mind with real-time money and energy-savings. Subsystems within the home can now be managed, monitored and adjusted at the touch of a button on your iPhone or PC.

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