New INSTEON-enabled Web Based Home Automation Controller from Universal Devices Leverages Internet for Simple Setup,

New INSTEON-enabled Web Based Home Automation Controller from Universal Devices Leverages Internet for Simple Setup, Monitoring and Remote Control of INSTEON NetworkIrvine, CA -- May 24, 2007 - SmartLabs, Inc. announces the new INSTEON home automation controller from Universal Devices Inc. The INSTEON-enabled home automation controller, called the ISY-26, enables consumers to control the INSTEON wireless home control network without special software or a dedicated computer required to run the network. Users can monitor and control INSTEON devices either at home or away using any computer, Microsoft Media Center or Pocket PC. To access, users simply bring up a Java-enabled browser and type in the controller's URL address. The ISY-26 enables notifications and alarms to be sent via SMS or email allowing users to effortlessly keep an eye on their home. "Universal Devices' controller leverages the Internet to allow homeowners to simply control their lighting, appliances and other security applications using their computer of choice," said Ken Fairbanks, general manager, SmartLabs. "Getting an email or SMS letting you know the front door opened, that you left lights on or there is water in the basement is pretty powerful."To set up, users simply plug the ISY-26 into any computer and use the controller's intuitive user interface to connect up to 256 INSTEON-enabled devices, set timed events and create multi-triggered scenes using its simple drag and drop method."With INSTEON and ISY-26, we've revolutionized the realm of home automation," said Orly Kohanim, president, Universal Devices. "Now everyone can afford a Smart Home while reaping the full benefits of a total home automation solution."The INSTEON ISY-26 IP-enabled bridge from Universal Devices is available at for $299.99.About INSTEONSmartLabs' INSTEON, wireless home control networking technology, uses a simple, low-cost combination of wireless and power line communications to link core home systems such as lighting, security, comfort control, consumer electronics, appliances and safety sensors, allowing them to be controlled or monitored from anywhere in the world. INSTEON-enabled products can also bridge to other networks, such as Wi-Fi LANs, the Internet and telephony and entertainment distribution systems, allowing INSTEON to serve as the foundation for a very robust integrated home control environment. The INSTEON Alliance offers a focused community for developers and manufacturers to incorporate the INSTEON standard into their products. Information about INSTEON can be found at About Universal DevicesThe Universal Devices story began in early 2000, when a group of hardware and software engineers started experimenting with industrial and home automation tools and applications all of which exhibited the same flaw: expensive and centralized servers with proprietary software and protocols communicating with dumb devices. Seven years later, Universal Devices is the leader in Ubiquitous Automation™ where simple to use and affordable home automation products enable average consumers to reap the full benefits of a total home automation solution. For more information, see # # #

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