Smarthome Makes Halloween Safe and Sane

Smarthome Makes Halloween Safe and SaneProducts include decorations, lights and ways to keep pranksters at bayIrvine, Calif. - October 12, 2006 - SmartLabs Inc., the world's leading provider of home automation products via its Smarthome catalog and website, offers a wide range of Halloween products designed to keep holiday festivities safe and sane.Smarthome offers a variety of sound- and motion-activated decorations to spook Halloween party guests or trick-or-treaters when they walk by. For example, the 48-inch black-robed standing skull (HW0606/sale price $21.99), whose arms can be positioned in any pose, lights up and laughs gruesomely when guests pass by. The floating ghost (HW0607/$24.99) emits an evil laugh and raises and lowers his hands, while the sorceress in the spirit ball (HW0601/sale price $54.99) moves her head and mouth as she delivers a variety of spooky fortunes to unsuspecting guests. The red eyes of the skull in a lantern (HW0604/sale price $21.99) light up as he delivers his evil messages.Another popular skull decoration is the extremely realistic life-size human skull reproduction (HW0185/$11.99), which can be incorporated into a variety of displays to frighten visitors. Or there's the 10-pound bag of bones (HW0101/sale price $39.99), which contains reproductions of human bones in various sizes that can be arranged skeleton-style or scattered randomly throughout the yard to create a graveyard effect.Other good outdoor decoration choices include the 6-foot lighted inflatable globe (HW0600/sale price $119.99) with two rotating ghosts, or the string of four friendly flickering ghosts (HW0602/sale price $21.99) to light up the porch or sidewalk. The Peep 'n' Peepers flashing eyes (HW0316/$19.99), which flash on and off to simulate blinking, are perfect to string in shrubs or bushes to make guests feel as if they're being watched.With safety in mind, Smarthome recommends decorating with battery-operated flicker candles (4646WS/sale price $21.99) instead of regular candles. These flame-free candles imitate the look and feel of natural candles and are safe for indoor or outdoor use. For jack-o'-lanterns, rechargeable votive candles (4644/$24.99 for 3 candles and charger) are ideal. The Smarthome website also offers ideas for several Halloween projects, including ways to deal with pranksters and hooligans through the use of surveillance cameras, motion detectors/transmitters, or a scarecrow water-spraying repeller. These and many other products are available via the Smarthome catalog or website (, or by calling 800-762-7846.

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