Smarthome Helps Kids Be Cool at School

Smarthome Helps Kids Be Cool at SchoolBack to school means new gadgets for dorm rooms and tailgate partiesIrvine, Calif. - August 28, 2006 - SmartLabs™, Inc., the world's leading provider of home automation products via its Smarthome catalog and website, offers a wide range of gadgets and electronics to help kids boost their "cool" factor and smooth the transition back to school.To make that dorm room feel more like home, Smarthome suggests the Wave Magnetic Track (91345/sale price $9.99), which mounts to the wall in a variety of designs and holds pictures and notes with magnets. For those who really want the latest and greatest, the Pholio Digital Photo Frame (91869/$299.99) displays photos in a picture frame that can also play video and MP3 files saved to its 128MB internal memory or an external memory card. The frame can be set to slideshow, or pictures can be changed manually with the buttons on the frame or with the included remote. For those who might need to study late at night without waking up their roommates, Smarthome recommends the LED Notebook Light (903211/sale price $11.99), which can be plugged into a USB port and clipped onto the user's laptop. The light will illuminate the workspace with two bright white LEDs that will never burn out.Other dorm room lighting options include a variety of battery-operated and electric candles, ranging from a simple 3" x 4" white vanilla-scented candle (4640/sale price $16.99) to a 4" x 8" Flicker Candle (4636BD/sale price $33.99) that comes in beeswax with a drip finish. These real wax candles glow and flicker, creating a candlelight atmosphere without the fire danger. For students who want a more modern look, the Valo Firefly Track Lighting Kit (4624F/$49.99) can be installed in as little as 15 minutes, with no wiring required. The bendable 15-foot track's power tape adheres to almost any surface, and the five dimmable lamps can be aimed in any direction to focus the light. If the dorm's air quality is in doubt, the energy-efficient Peaceful Breeze Small Room Air Purifier (3268S/sale price $59.99) can set things right. The combination air purifier, ionizer and aromatherapy device uses negative ion technology with multilayer HEPA filters to collect dust and reduce indoor air pollution and odors. If improved air circulation is all that's needed, the 16-inch Remote Control Wall/Ceiling Fan (30223/$69.99) will add a cool breeze to the room. The fan, which can mount to a wall or the ceiling, can be set to turn off automatically after 1, 2, 4 or 8 hours. Users can select from 10 speed settings and fixed or oscillating operation. Sometimes it's hard to get up in time for those early morning classes. Smarthome can help, with a wide range of alarm clocks that includes the Projection Clock (19540/sale price $19.99), which projects the time onto the ceiling or a wall in a dark room; the splash-resistant Shower CD Player/Radio/Alarm Clock (90001/sale price $49.99); and the TV Alarm Clock (19109/$22.99), which sends an infrared signal to the television to turn it on like a standard remote control at the time specified.Music is one thing kids returning to school won't be ready to give up, and Smarthome offers a variety of music systems and accessories, including the iPod Docking Station (8347/$179.99), an unobtrusive wall-mounted unit that charges the iPod while playing MP3s over the stereo speakers. When roommates have different tastes in music, the Sony Wireless Stereo Headphone System (8006/$99.99) solves the problem, with high volume and vibrating bass that are perfect for anyone who wants freedom of movement while enjoying maximum performance from music, TV audio or gaming consoles-without disturbing anyone else in the room. When the music needs to be mobile, there's the MTX iThunder (6704 or 6704B/$149.99). This completely portable system is more than an iPod speaker. It includes an internal amplifier, a sturdy ported enclosure, a set of powerful 4-inch full-range drivers and a wireless remote control. It's perfect for tailgate parties. Or, for those who don't want to take an expensive sound system to the beach, there's the AM/FM Radio/Cooler (G068/sale price $9.99)-a handy carrying case that will keep drinks and snacks cool and has a hidden radio built in. To complete the party preparations, there's the portable battery-operated Rechargeable Blender (9171/$59.99), which can crank out gallons of margaritas, smoothies or iced coffee drinks on a single charge.These and other products are available via the Smarthome catalog or website (, or by calling 800-762-7846. Smarthome's back-to-school promotion includes free shipping on orders of $50 or more until Friday, September 1.

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