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     IRVINE, Calif., Dec. 7, 2004--Smarthome Inc., the world's leading provider of automated products to improve the home, today announced electronic toys for children this holiday season. "Smarthome's kids product line offers fun electronic toys that will keep the budding 'Inspector Gadget' in the family entertained and let them explore their creative side," said Rajeev Kapur, vice president of sales and marketing of Smarthome, Inc., based in Irvine, Calif. The following are available from Smarthome's special kids online product guide or at 1-800-SMARTHOME:
Truth Detector Spy WatchTruth Detector Spy Watch-Even novice secret agents can feel like James Bond with this Truth Detector Spy Watch, which uses real-world lie detector technology to help determine who's telling the truth. To test if someone's telling the truth, simply hold their index and middle fingers against the Truth Detector Spy Watch's biofeedback sensors. With their fingers still on the sensors, the child asks them a question. As they answer, the child presses the SET button once, which brings up a chart. The more bars appear on the screen, the less likely it is they are being honest. Price: $15.99

Solar Car KitSolar Car Kit-Children will learn about alternative energy as they build a sleek, futuristic solar car, which features an aerodynamic sports car shell design, a 4-wheel chassis, a powerful 1.4 volt, 350 milliampere solar cell and transparent plastic body that can be painted or left clear to display the car's inner mechanical construction. The steerable front axle, rear wheel and adjustable solar panel mount are all independent parts, allowing for separate solar projects. The two-way battery source is designed to use either solar power or an alkaline AA battery. Price: $39.99
Kick DisKick Dis? Power Puck with Lights and Sounds-The Kick Dis? Power Puck flashes lights and blasts sounds as it hovers on a cushion of air. Safe for playing indoors or out-on sidewalks, driveways, floors, or low-pile carpet-children simply hit the disk with their feet or swing at it with an object and watch the hover puck move across the ground. It is modeled in a transparent-blue, high-impact plastic and has four bright, white lights that visibly explode around its perimeter. To add to the excitement, a series of "crash" "bang" sounds blast out from a high-frequency speaker. A soft foam-rubber bumper surrounds the puck, so it can take the hits and kicks. Games are only limited to the child's imagination-soccer, hockey or bowling, just to name a few. Price: $39.99
Spy Tracker SystemSpy Tracker System-Give kids the power to detect intruders anywhere with the Spy Tracker System, a mobile early warning system that lets them know when someone's heading their way. With three wireless motion sensors, and a high-tech tracking panel, the child will have everything he or she needs to track and monitor pets, younger siblings, even mom and dad. It is also portable-the entire Spy Tracker System kit fits into a foam-lined carrying case that goes wherever they go. Children simply hide the three wireless motion sensors anywhere in the house within 75 feet of the tracking panel-it even works through walls. Then, as each sensor detects motion, a corresponding light illuminates on the spy-tracking panel. A graph screen panel and a wipe-it-clean pencil let the "secret agent" sketch the layout of the monitoring area for easy reference. Price: $29.99
Spy Supersonic EarSpy Supersonic Ear-This advanced surveillance system amplifies sounds by placing earphones over the ears, pointing the sound dish towards the sound desired to amplify, and pivoting the dish up or down to pinpoint sounds. It features a clip-on/off microphone that picks up vibrations to hear what's happening behind a wall or door. It can pick up anything from far away conversations or the child's own heartbeat. The Spy Supersonic Ear system is ear safe with an automatic volume limiter that prevents transmission of very loud sounds. Price: $24.99
About Smarthome, Inc.Founded in 1992, Smarthome, Inc. is the world's largest home automation and home control supplier and a leader in enhancing lifestyles through electronic home improvement projects. Headquartered in Irvine, Calif., Smarthome products are sold to an international customer base via the Web, phone and retail outlets as well as to professional dealers and installers through its SmarthomePro division. Its SmarthomeDesign division is responsible for OEM and distribution sales channels. Smarthome, developers of a new home networking technology called Insteon?, (, is dedicated to making life more convenient, safe and fun. The company's on-line catalog can be found at Newsweek magazine called "the of electronic home improvement." On Dec. 1, 2004, Smarthome shipped products to its 1 millionth electronic home improvement customer.

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