Smarthome Announces 'Back-To- School' Gadgets

For Students And Parents

     IRVINE, Calif., July 27, 2004 -Smarthome Inc., the world's leading provider of electronic home improvement products and personal gadgets, today announced its recommendations for preparing students and parents for the back-to-school season. "Smarthome is dedicated to making life more convenient, safe and fun, and that includes helping students and their parents gear up for the school year," said Rajeev Kapur, vice president of sales and marketing of Smarthome, Inc. based in Irvine, Calif. "We offer products that will help keep students more organized and safe, as well give their parents peace-of-mind."The following are available from Smarthome's special back-to-school online product guide or at 1-800-SMARTHOME:
AM/FM Clock Radio/Weather/Memo Minder -Have your child start every morning with a clock radio that announces the time, outdoor temperature, weather conditions and personally recorded messages. For instance, the device can wake them in the morning by announcing, "The time is 7 a.m., the temperature outside is 69 degrees, and the weather is going to be sunny. And don't forget your school project today!" Children can choose outfits more easily after knowing the outside temperature, while parents can leave reminders for them as well. Price: $119.99
Digital Voice Recorder Voice Bank - Whether it's in their high school class or first college lecture, students won't miss a word with the Digital Voice Recorder Voice Bank. The voice bank digitally records more than nine hours of information, eliminating the need to change tapes in the middle of recording. From important lectures and classes, to useful directions and numbers, students can supplement note taking and listen to instruction again at home while studying. This mini-recorder fits in a front shirt pocket and can pick up the softest of conversations with a highly sensitive built-in microphone.
Sidewinder Portable Cell Phone Charger - Make sure your child is never caught with a dead cell phone battery when making calls to mom and dad, especially in an emergency. This battery-free, pocket-sized cell phone charger connects with the included cable. Twist the handle in either direction for just two minutes and the user gets six minutes of talk time, or 30 minutes of standby time. For more power duration, simply twist the handle for a longer time. Price: $24.99
Wristwatch Remote Control - Every student needs some downtime after coming home by watching TV. Now they can channel surf with ease, at any time, with this Wristwatch Remote Control. They won't have to worry about the remote falling in between the sofa cushions or getting kicked under a pile of laundry again. Sleek and stylish, the piece acts as a true watch, but also functions as a TV/cable remote with channel, volume, power and set up controls. Price: $16.99
Chillow - Often college dorms don't have adequate air conditioning, so a student can stay cool during warm nights using the Chillow, which slips between the pillow and pillowcase to help keep sleepers cool. Made of medical grade cloth, the Chillow has a hole in which users pour water. It works by using a cooling gel, instead of harmful powders or chemicals, to pull heat away from the head. The Chillow will allow students to get a restful night's sleep without tossing and turning because of heat. $29.99
CD/DVD Library Storage System - Help high school or college students keep their valuable CD, DVD and CD-ROM investment safe from scratches by giving them this storage system, which features soft-lined sleeves. These hard-backed, leather cover books will tastefully blend in with any dorm or home d?cor. Students will easily find their favorite music, movie or computer program by referencing the small index cards located in every disc sleeve and separate jacket for CD coverlets. Each book holds up to 32 CDs or DVDs. Price: $24.99
About Smarthome, Inc.Founded in 1992, Smarthome, Inc. is the world's largest home automation and home control supplier and a leader in enhancing lifestyles through electronic home improvement projects. Headquartered in Irvine, Calif., Smarthome products are sold to an international customer base via the Web, phone and retail outlets as well as to professional dealers and installers through its SmarthomePro division. Its SmarthomeDesign division is responsible for OEM and distribution sales channels. Smarthome, developers of a new home networking technology called Insteon?, (, is dedicated to making life more convenient, safe and fun. The company's on-line catalog can be found at

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