BoosterLincTM Plug-In Product Ensures Reliable

Performance of Powerline Automated Devices

         IRVINE, Calif., July 16, 2003 - Smarthome, Inc., the world's leading provider of home automation products and personal gadgets, today announced the availability of BoosterLincTM, patent pending, the first plug-in X10 signal enhancing device that can be simultaneously deployed throughout the home to provide a reliable network between automated devices.

BoosterLinc, which retails for under $100, is an affordable solution that plugs into any open standard 110-volt outlet, allowing homeowners to fully enjoy the benefits of automated lighting, heating and cooling, entertainment systems, and more.

"Generally, homes with more than six installed automation devices or larger homes experience areas of weak X10 signal strength that diminish device performance," said Joe Dada, CEO and founder of Smarthome, Inc. "BoosterLinc solves this problem by boosting each message sent between automation devices communicating along the powerline to ensure each product responds without fail."

"We believe BoosterLinc is one of the most significant improvements made to X10 technology since it debuted over 25 years ago," said Dada.

Developed in the mid-1970s, X10 is the de facto standard in connecting automation devices in homes and businesses. X10 products send small data sequences containing information, including the product address and what action to perform, from a transmitter, such as a light switch, to a receiver, such as a lamp, via the home's existing electrical wiring. Products utilizing X10 technology are popular in part because they are affordable, simple to install and do not require additional wiring.

"Before BoosterLinc, there was no way to ensure reliable X10 communication between automation devices along the powerline in homes over 3,000 square feet or homes with more than six automation devices," said Dan Cregg, vice president of engineering for Smarthome. "Even professionally-installed troubleshooting devices cannot solve these reliability issues."

BoosterLinc is the first plug-in device that is fully compatible with the X10 protocol, amplifying X10 signals in real-time. For optimum performance, Smarthome recommends one BoosterLinc per 1000 square feet of home.

BoosterLinc is available to consumers through Smarthome's catalog, its Web site at, and by phone at 1-800-SMARTHOME.

About Smarthome, Inc.
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