Smarthome Introduces the World's First Plug-In Coupler-Repeater


Smarthome Introduces the

World's First Plug-In Coupler-Repeater

Smarthome's new SignaLinc Plug-In Coupler-Repeater

virtually eliminates the need to hardwire

X10-enhancement devices into your breaker box.
     Irvine, CA, December 17, 2003: Smarthome, Inc. today announced a major advancement in X10 signaling with the SignaLinc? Plug-In Coupler-Repeater, the world's first coupler-repeater that users can activate instantly. Unlike traditional coupler-repeaters, which require a hardwired installation at the breaker box, the new SignaLinc Plug-In Coupler-Repeater installs in seconds. All users have to do is plug it in.     "For years, the only way to reliably get X10 signals on both phases of your home's power system was by wiring a coupler-repeater into your breaker box," says Joe Dada, CEO of Smarthome, Inc. "But those days are history. With the SignaLinc Plug-In Coupler-Repeater, all a consumer needs to do is plug it in, and that's all there is to it."     SignaLinc Plug-In Coupler-Repeater is designed to fit into the 220-volt outlet typically found in the laundry room of most homes. If the 220-volt outlet is being used by another device, that's no problem either. A feed-through outlet on the front allows consumers to keep the SignaLinc Plug-In Coupler-Repeater and their 220-volt dryer plugged in simultaneously. Two versions are offered for the most common 220-volt plug types.      The SignaLinc Plug-In Coupler-Repeater is based on X10, the de facto standard in connecting automation devices in homes and businesses. X10 products send small data sequences containing information, including a product address and an action to perform, from a transmitter, such as a light switch, to a receiver, such as a lamp module, via the home's existing electrical wiring. Products utilizing X10 technology are popular in part because they are affordable, simple to install and do not require additional wiring.     Why do you need the SignaLinc Plug-In Coupler-Repeater? Because most homes have 2-phase 220-volt power that splits into two separate 110-volt legs, and sometimes X10 signals have a hard time making the transition from one leg to the other. But by plugging a SignaLinc Plug-in Coupler-Repeater into the home's 220-volt dryer receptacle, it will detect and amplify X10 signals between the two power lines in your home.     "The SignaLinc Plug-In Coupler-Repeater not only acts as a bridge, it also gives signals a boost along the way," says Dan Cregg, vice president of engineering for Smarthome. "Just one ensures that your X10 home automation installation will work more effectively, particularly in larger homes or homes with many X10-based devices."      Available now from Smarthome, the SignaLinc Plug-In Coupler-Repeater retails for only $99.99. See Smarthome's website at, or call 1-800-SMARTHOME for a free catalog.About Smarthome, Inc.: Founded in 1992, Smarthome, Inc. is the world's leading provider of lighting control, whole-house automation, security and surveillance, home entertainment, gadgets and pet care products. Headquartered in Irvine, Calif., Smarthome's international customer base includes retail customers as well as professional dealer/installers through its SmarthomePro division. Smarthome, Inc. has dedicated itself to making life more convenient, safe and fun. Smarthome's on-line catalog can be found at
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