IRVINE, Calif., May 2, 2002 - For sons, daughters and husbands looking for an alternative to the usual cards and flowers this Mother's Day, Smarthome, Inc., based in Irvine, Calif., today announced its recommendations for gadget gift ideas for the 21st-century Mom this May 12.
          "Traditionally, high-tech gadgets for the home have been Dad's domain," said Leo Soderman, director of marketing for Smarthome, Inc. "We believe the time has arrived for mothers to get equally innovative gifts."

          The following are available from Smarthome's special Mother's Day online gift guide,, or at 1-800-SMARTHOME:

          Auto-Measure Spice Carousel - Need a quarter-teaspoon of cayenne pepper? Save Mom valuable counter space with this innovative spice carousel that doubles as a highly accurate dispensing tool. This fully stackable unit maximizes storage space by fitting easily in cupboards or on counters. Measuring spoons and messy pouring is no longer needed. It can also be mounted under a cabinet or shelf and comes with 50 pre-printed spice labels. Price: $29.95

          Safety Turtle Wristband - Ease Mom's mind this summer with this unique way to protect young children from swimming pool hazards. Adults are alerted with a loud alarm if a child wearing the wristband falls into a pool. The wristband is designed to withstand rugged play and can only be removed with a key. It is easily transportable from residence to vacation home or campsite. Price: $99.95 (base station), $49.95 (wristband).

          Litter-Free Cat Toilet - Mom will never have to scoop the cat box again with possibly the most sanitary automated cat box on the market. The box connects to the laundry room drain pipe, removing waste material without any intervention. The cleaning cycle washes, flushes, deodorizes and dries the included cat litter crystals, leaving the cat's litter box clean, fresh and odor-free. Price: $299.95

          Wireless Car Theatre System - Keep kids entertained - and Mom relaxed - on road trips. This portable video system straps to the back of a headrest and plugs into the car's cigarette lighter. There's no built-in wiring, so it can easily be swapped between cars. Watch any VHS video through the included video-cassette player on a 5.6-inch color LCD screen. Price: $699.95

          Mini Home Security Monitor - Let Mom know who is at the door from any room in the house. Compact one-third-inch black-and-white camera connects directly to a TV or VCR. Sixty feet of cable is included. The low-profile design keeps the home from looking like a fortress, and a built-in microphone lets the user hear as well as see what's going on outside. Powered by an adapter, it never needs batteries. Price: $69.95

About Smarthome, Inc.
Smarthome, Inc. is the world's leading designer, manufacturer and online retailer of home automation products and is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. Headquartered in Irvine, Calif., Smarthome's international customer base includes retail customers as well as professional dealer/installers through its SmarthomePro division. Smarthome, Inc. has dedicated itself to making life more convenient, safe and fun. Smarthome's on-line catalog can be found at

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