PowerLinc Controller - INSTEON USB Interface

PowerLinc Controller - INSTEON USB Interface

Interface for X10-Compatible Software



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  • On-board clock keeps accurate time, all the time, with integrated 10-year battery backup.

    Safety Tested and Factory Certification
    The PowerLinc Controller is safety tested and approved. The assembly lines for SmartLabs Design Products are ISO9001 certified. In order to meet the ISO 9001 standards, the entire factory underwent rigorous inspections of procedures and policies before being thoroughly audited. The certification received was based on its dedication to high quality management systems and strict adherence of quality systems and guidelines.

    Using PowerLinc USB & PowerLinc Controller with DirectX Input Devices
    It is advised that you unplug your PowerLinc when playing games that use Microsoft's DirectX system while using USB input devices like joysticks.

    PLC/PowerLinc Modem Comparison
    FeaturePower Line ModemPowerLinc Controllers
    Downloading to the unitNoYes - software dependent
    Internal real-time clockNoneIncluded
    Supports HouseLinc DesktopNoYes
    INSTEON Extended MessagesYesNo

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer Product No.:2414U
    Patent No.:U.S. Patent No. 7,345,998, International patents pending
    Software:Sold Separately
    Baud Rate:4,800 Kbps
    Downloadable Memory:32KB
    Internal Battery:10 years
    Warranty:2 years, limited
    Status LED:1 white LED (on the side)
    Local Control:None
    Operations Modes:INSTEON only, X10 only, INSTEON and X10 Combo Mode
    Combo Mode Message Order:INSTEON, X10, INSTEON cleanup
    Memory:Non-volatile EEPROM
    INSTEON Features
    INSTEON Addresses:1 hard-coded out of 16,777,216 possible
    INSTEON Links:417
    INSTEON Power-line Frequency:131.65 KHz
    INSTEON Minimum Transmit Level:3.2 Vpp into 5 Ohms
    INSTEON Minimum Receive Level:10 mV
    INSTEON Messages Repeated:Yes
    Operating Conditions:Indoors, 32 to 104
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    Review of 2414u Review by EDWARD
    Review of 2414u

    Perfect, as usual.

    Posted on 8/12/2012

    Review of 2414u Review by JAN
    Review of 2414u

    Great! Just what I wanted.

    Posted on 7/31/2012

    Review of 2414u Review by DONALD A.
    Review of 2414u

    This item did not work with my existing software. I wish to return it for a refund. How do I proceed?

    Don Peterson

    Posted on 7/8/2012

    Review of 2414u Review by JOHN
    Review of 2414u

    This is being phased out. Good call. They work well for a couple of months and then begin to work intermittently. At the one year point, full daily resets become necessary. I replaced this with an ISY and never looked back.

    Posted on 6/14/2012

    Review of 2414u Review by MiguelS
    Review of 2414u

    The 2414U is being phased out. It has had its problems but was a good stop-gap for a number of years. This does have internal memory and can function as a standalone controller, unplugged from a computer if you have soft are like indigo that can upload the program information to it. I had a failure of one of these and that pushed me into the ISY which is far superior. This is a great entry-level controller but anyone thinking about it should look at the ISY and make that jump now that this is going away.

    Posted on 6/9/2012

    Review of 2414u Review by JLCPVAZ
    Review of 2414u

    I just ordered my THIRD 2414U. The latest one died after 14 months. These do work and do what they are advertised to do but after a year, they have to be replaced. They just can't make it beyond that. Out of box and configured, one will work flawlessly for a couple of months, then fail. A total restore will get another solid month out of it, then failures are spotty. It can work for three weeks and have to be reset once a week. When it has to be reset multiple times per week, it's time to toss it and stick in a new one. I wish these were better quality!

    Posted on 5/15/2012

    Review of 2414u Review by JERRY
    Review of 2414u

    As part of a converstion from X-1o to INSTEON, I had to change from a 1132CU to the 2414U. Now all my a/o works as it should. But, now my computer can not be allowed to sleep. The 2414U does not have any memory. Now the room where my computer is gets warmer. More AC.

    Posted on 5/3/2012

    Review of 2414u Review by THOMAS
    Review of 2414u

    Works OK, bad instructions

    Posted on 4/26/2012

    Review of 2414u Review by DENNIS J.
    Review of 2414u

    Would not send any signals properly. Insteon signals could go on for hours and X10 signals worked only once in a while (not often).

    Posted on 4/22/2012

    Review of 2414u Review by OddballHero
    Review of 2414u

    Works great to control X10 using Bob Pwwer's iLinks command line software with a bunch of modifications since it was geared more to Insteon than X10 or use http://www.linuxha.com/athome/common/iplcd/iplc_usb_pl.gz change port to hidraw0. In both cases made modifications to use /dev/hidraw0. Now using scripts to control X10 devices on Pogoplug with schedules and sensor activation. Actually works same or better than my PSC05/Arduino Uno combo although it is easier to send than receive commands actually after I figured it out, it was easy. Probably good to have developer's documentation.

    Posted on 4/3/2012

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