Powerhouse Dynamics SiteSage-24h Intelligent Residential Power Usage Monitor


Powerhouse Dynamics eMonitor4-24 Intelligent Residential Power Usage Monitor

A Revolutionary Breakthrough in Home Energy Management
  • Installs inside home circuit breaker panel to monitor up to 24 circuits
  • Lower electric bills 10%-30% by seeing exactly where power is used and wasted
  • Circuit over capacity alert protects against fire and power outage
  • Monitor appliance health and performance
  • Receive alerts whenever you want via PC, tablet, Smartphone
  • Monitor renewable energy (additional service agreement required)
  • Requires 2-year software service agreement, sold separately through Powerhouse Dynamics


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  • For the first time, any homeowner now has the cost-effective, fun and easy way to monitor their energy usage at the circuit level (up to 24) via a PC, tablet (Android or iPad), or Smartphone (Android or iPhone). This enables the homeowner to lower energy costs, keep their family safe from potential circuits over capacity and help our planets future. This home energy management solution monitors all of the circuits in your home independently, and therefore is able to provide you with a detailed view of your electricity usage. In order to do this, sensors need to be installed on each circuit breaker inside your electrical panel. The installation is very straightforward, and every effort has been made to provide for the safe, secure installation of the SiteSage.

    The SiteSage enables the homeowner to:
    • Know how much is being spent on electricity - before getting the bill
    • Learn what steps can be taken to reduce electric bills up to 30%
    • Receive alerts when appliances or lights have been left on
    • Receive 'circuit over capacity' alert, preventing potential power outage or fire
    • Receive real-time alerts when appliance's power usage suggests it is in need of maintenance or replacement
    • See what appliances are using energy, even when they are off, and how much they are costing you
    • Monitor renewable energy production and usage from a single interface (requires upgrade)
    • Plug into smart grid initiatives: link to smart meters, accept and display time-based rates and participate in demand response programs, when available.

    Please Note: Powerhouse Dynamics products are currently not setup for use outside of North America and cannot be shipped outside of North America at this current time.

    Operational Requirements:
    The SiteSage hardware is installed at your circuit panel. A Wi-Fi connection is required for operation. The SiteSage software can be accessed from any computer with internet access.

    Many SiteSage customers install the hardware unit themselves however, the installation requires the cover of the main electrical circuit breaker panel to be removed. If you do not wish to handle the installation, any certified electrician could handle it for you. Powerhouse Dynamics and InstallerNet have partnered to offer you hassle free SiteSage installation and set-up. Certified InstallerNet installers have been trained to install your SiteSage, accommodate any unique installation needs, set-up your account and give you a tutorial of the SiteSage system and related accessories. We are committed to having your experience with the SiteSage be a positive one. There is a deactivated installation card inside the SiteSage box. By activating this card online, you can easily set up installation at your convenience. Installation through this service is an extra charge and is not included with your payment for the SiteSage.

    Smartphone Application:
    A free SiteSage iPhone and Android app is available from iTunes and the Google Play Store. The SiteSage app allows you to access your home energy usage data, in real time, quickly and easily on the go. The SiteSage system uniquely monitors energy usage at the circuit level, integrating energy efficiency with renewable energy, and delivering the level of granularity and actionable intelligence required for effective energy management, cost savings and home safety for any homeowner.

    Note: The SiteSage requires a separate 2-year software service agreement, sold through Powerhouse Dynamics when the system is being registered. Software Service pricing: pre-paid for $240 (equivalent of $10.00/mo.) - or - monthly for $10.99/mo. Service covers proactive monitoring and alerts, free software upgrades, unlimited data storage, and more.

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Powerhouse Dynamics
    Manufacturer Product No. SiteSage-24h
    UPC 850566003126

    Communication Protocols - SiteSage
    • eLink Wireless 2.4GHz connection to Gateway
    • RS485 link protocol to pin SiteSage expansion module (xPod)

      Communication Protocols - Gateway
    • TCP-IP via Ethernet (802.3) 10/100base-T
    • Wi-Fi/802.11/b/g/n (Wireless 2.4GHz connection to Base Unit)
    • Local via High Speed Serial Port
    • ZigBee (802.15) mesh networking (optional USNAP module)

      Power Requirements - SiteSage + Gateway
    • 120 VAC Power, 60 Hz

      Dimensions - SiteSage
    • L x H x W: 7" x 2.5" x 1.875"
    • Weight: 4oz

      Dimensions - Expansion Pod (xPod)
    • L x H x W: 3.75" x 1.875" x 0.875"
      Weight: 2oz

      Dimensions - Gateway
    • L x H x W: 5.25" x 3.25" x 1.5"
    • Weight: 6oz

      Connections - SiteSage
    • 14 CT sensor ports
    • Six Pin SiteSage expansion module (xPod) connector (up to 3)
    • Each xPod: 10 CT sensor ports
    • Modular Power Connector (120V AC) connects to 120V/15A breaker

      Connections - Gateway
    • 1 x 10/100 RJ-45 Ethernet ports
    • 1 x High speed RJ-14 serial port
    • 3 Analog inputs - wire pair +/-2V; 3 digital input/outputs
    • USNAP 2.0 modular connector

      Hardware features
    • Scans circuit and outlet power consumption every second, records average every minute
    • Embedded Web server provides local data access
    • 8MB memory supports 14 days of data storage
    • Firmware remotely upgradable

      Environmental conditions
    • Operating Temperature: -10° C to +60° C (14° F to +140° F)
    • Humidity: 5% to 95%, non-condensing
  • 2 Reviews

    Review of 90422 Review by MICHAEL
    Review of 90422

    Fairly easy to install for anyone who's done basic electrical work at home (replaced a switch, installed a ceiling fan). Very nice reports and charts showing usage! It is a bit pricy (especially with the annual subscription), but I really have a good handle on just how much the spa, lights, TV, etc., cost now!

    Posted on 5/23/2014

    Review of 90422 Review by TOM
    Review of 90422

    The eMonitor is a great product, once I got it set up. The user manual is not very good and also not accurate (says you have to special order a wireless connection but that now appears to be the default product). Customer service was worse than useless, but I finally figured it out on my own. You have to hit the reset button TWICE on the unit, which they mention in very small print.

    Posted on 8/4/2012

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    • SiteSage base unit
    • SiteSage Expansion Pod
    • Power cable for SiteSage
    • SiteSage Wireless Gateway
    • Gateway power supply
    • 6 - 50 Amp ct's
    • 16 - 20 Amp ct's
    • 2 - 150 Amp ct's
    • Cable ties
    • Installation guide
    • SiteSage Channel Setup Worksheets
    • Note: 2 year software service agreement must be purchased separately through Powerhouse Dynamics

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