PowerBridge PB-1161 Single Solution Flat Panel In-Wall Power Kit, White

Add a Power Outlet Behind Your Wall Mounted HDTV Without Hiring an Electrician
  • Designed specifically to allow do-it-yourself relocation of a power outlet
  • Flexible recessed design for low profile flat screen TV mounting
  • Allows for connection to external power surge protection units
  • Easy, color-coded wire connections and clear instructions



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  • Let's say you're preparing to install a new flat screen HDTV or a projector. Or you've already installed your TV with the cord in the wall, or left it hanging down, "out there" on the wall. No matter how you're planning to hide your wires, you still need a power-outlet to plug it into. The PowerBridge Single Solution Power Kit is an in-wall power extension specifically designed to provide a professional appearance and hide AV cables, for any on-wall mounted LCD, Plasma, LED and LCD HDTV.

    Protect Your TV with PowerBridge
    Having a regular A/C outlet/receptacle installed behind your expensive wall mounted HDTV will provide A/C power, but unless you have a whole-house, main panel protection system installed, the outlets in your home are un-protected from surge power and "dirty", noisy power which can reduce the life of electronics and power supplies. But the PowerBridge Single Solution Power Kit makes protecting your investment easy with the ability to connect an external power surge protector/power conditioner/UPS device to provide a complete safe protected power solution to your HDTV and other home theater equipment. The PowerBridge design allows power out from the protection device through the supplied 6 foot power cord plugged into the PowerBridge POWER-INLET, delivering protected power up the wall to the TV.

    The PowerBridge Solution is Not an Ordinary Extension Cord
    Depending on your local code requirements, several rated types of in-wall rated power wire are used. The most commonly used type in the US is best known as ROMEX, made specifically to use inside wall and ceilings to connect all of your electrical outlets, switches and light fixtures. Regular flexible extension cords are not made with materials that are fire rated to use inside a wall to connect in-wall mounted electrical devices, as referenced in the National Electrical Code as Not Permitted Use. But the PowerBridge Power Kit is installed using UL-listed, in-wall-rated building electrical wire. The wire makes a direct "extension" by connecting the upper Power OUT wall plate to the lower Power IN wall plate together, resulting in a code-compliant in-wall power extension.

    Totally Flexible Design
    The recessed power receptacle allows the power cord's plug end to be set in for low profile mounting of flat-panel TVs or lighted picture frames. The PowerBridge Single Solution Power Kit is also the only design that will hide behind any size or type of wall mounted HDTV.

    Safe, Do-It-Yourself Installation
    The PowerBridge Single Solution Power Kit is not wired into, nor does it make direct connection to, the actual electrical wiring/circuit. In other words, you're safe, no risk of shock. You will not be in contact with live electricity during your installation. PowerBridge makes it easy with color-coded wire connections and clear, easy-to-understand illustrated instructions. Usual installation time is less than 30 minutes.

    Save Money
    With the PowerBridge Single Solution Power Kit there is no electrician needed. This product is DIY and easy to install. Everything is included, from instructions to the wall-cutout template--all you need are basic tools.
  • Specifications
    Manufacturer PowerBridge
    Manufacturer Product No. PB-1161
    UPC 855877002158
    Color White
    Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year Limited

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    • 1x - PowerOUT Wall Plate with 1 inch recessed plug
    • 1x - PowerIN Wall Plate
    • 2x - In-Wall Junction Boxes (UL Rated PVC type - not metal type)
    • 1x - 6 Foot Power Cord
    • 1x - 6 Foot In-Wall Power Wire NM-Type 14/2 UL rated ROMEX
    • 1x - Printed Instructions
    • 1x - Template for Wall Cut-out

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