Point Six Wireless 3008-04-V4 WiFi Temperature/Humidity Sensor

Point Six Wireless 3008-04-V4 WiFi Temperature/Humidity Sensor

Battery Operated Digital Temperature and Humidity Sensor
  • NIST Traceable Digital Temperature/Humidity Sensor
  • 16 mw 2.4 GHz 802.11b wireless radio
  • Communicates with Industry Standard Access Points
  • Configurable Alarm Utility with Audible and Visual Alarm Indication
  • Transmission and alarm acknowledgement
  • Up to 3 year battery life
  • Supports WEP 128 and WPA2-PSK (AES)
  • Small data packets (~75 bytes)



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  • The Point Sensor WiFi Room Sensor is a battery operated digital temperature and humidity sensor with a microprocessor controlled IEEE 802.11b/g radio transceiver. The sensor has an on board clock that allows it to spend most of the time in a low power quies-cent state. Onboard calibration tables provide a linear temperature output using a Sensirion SHT71 'single chip' digital temperature/humidity sensor. This information is combined with a CRC-16 error check and transmitted in a very short data packet that results in a very short transmitter on-time. This architecture allows the Point Sensor WiFi Room Sensor to consume very low energy.

    Upon power up the sensor scans all available WiFi network channels (typically 1, 6, and 11) and associates with the Access Point exhibiting the strongest signal, provided the correct security and encryption setting agree. This feature can also be disabled to allow the user to operate the sensor on a fixed channel.

    The Point Sensor WiFi Room sensor also has onboard memory allowing it to function as a data logger. The sensor has programmable log rates ranging from 2 to 60 minutes. The sensor can store up to 3,072 data and/or event records.

    Alarm limits for temperature, humidity, and time span are user selectable through an easy to use utility and can be configured wirelessly. An LED is included on the sensor to indicate an alarm condition. In addition to the LED for visual alarm indication, an audible alert is included to alert the user to an alarm condition when the sensor is not in the line of sight. The audible alarm can be silenced by depressing the reset button on the side of the enclosure. The alarm utility includes a "Return-to-Normal" transmission state so the user can tell the exact duration of the alarm. The alarm can be acknowledged by sending a radio packet back to the sensor or by a user selectable time-out. Upon acknowledgement, the LED displays a different flash sequence.

    • Transmission Rate: User Programmable
    • Log Rate: User Programmable
    • Dimensions (enclosure): 4.5 H X 2.75 W X 1.0 D (inches)
    • Operating Temperature: -30° to 60° C
    • Temperature Accuracy (@25°C): +/- .4° C
    • Humidity Accuracy (20% to 80% RH): +/- 3%
    • Sample Rate: 15 seconds
    • Battery Life: 87,600 Transmissions
    • Battery: (2) 1.5 vdc Lithium L91
    • Weight: 5.0 oz.
    • Storage Temperature: -30° to 60° C
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