Pillar Smart Lock Box

The World’s First Voice-Activated, App-Controlled Personal Lockbox!
  • WiFi enabled - Access The Pillar from anywhere using the app. This smart lock box can hold a minimum of 10 WiFi SSID’s and passwords
  • Voice identification - The password design and sensitivity ensures that only your voice can unlock or make changes to the smart lock box
  • Fail Safe Mode - Each Pillar has its own Unique Master password, meaning you can unlock your smart lockbox when Voice ID is disabled or the internet is down
  • Share Access - Give access to your friends and family quickly and easily. You can also revoke access just as easily
  • Durability - The Pillar is made from very durable ABS plastic that cannot be easily broken, even when we parked a 3,000 pound car on top of it!
  • Clicksafe Cable Lock - Purchase a Clicksafe cable lock to ensure that people can't just walk away with your smart lock box


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    The Pillar is the ideal way to keep your valuables safe and your personal items private. This voice-activated, app-controlled personal lockbox ensures your valuables remain secure until you decide to open it (via Voice-ID or the dedicated LockedBrands app). That means no keys to keep track of and no PINS to remember.

    Set up is easy with the Pillar's smart Voice ID technology. All it takes is 30 seconds to create your unique password. Dual passphrase design and adjustable sensitivity helps ensure that only your voice can open the Pillar.

    The Pillar is WiFi enabled and equipped with enough storage for 10 WiFi SSIDs and passwords, so you can open it just about anywhere, whenever you want. But don't worry, if you ever find yourself without internet access, each Pillar features a Fail Safe mode with a unique master password.

    For added convenience, the LockedBrands app also allows you to instantly share access with family and friends from anywhere. You can access a complete record of who has opened the Pillar and when.

    Ideal for travelers, parents, roommates, rentals, cubicles, and more, The Pillar lockbox is the smarter (and better) way to keep your valuables secure.

    Product Features

    Notifications: The owners can see a log of all the dates and times that The Pillar was unlocked and who unlocked it

    Anchoring: Anchor The Pillar to your desk or any surface, using the optional Kensington lock. This ensures that no one takes the smart lock box.

    Dual Power: The Pillar has a USB Power Supply and also has a battery that lasts up to 6 hours.

    Voice Security: Pillar’s Voice ID will never record any outside conversations or voices. The smart lock box only listens when you’re giving a Voice ID password.

    Compatibility: The Pillar can connect through IFTTT, Amazon Alexa, Google Home and more!

    Who Benefits From The Pillar?


    A smart lock box can keep your kids out of your stuff. Lock away your valuables, prescriptions, and items that you don’t want your children touching.


    Getting your stuff stolen from your hotel room when you’re far away from home is never fun. Lock away your valuables in this smart lock box to make sure thieves stay out and your items stay in.


    Don’t trust your roommate? Lock away your items in your Pillar when you’re away for class, gone for the weekend or just want it safe.

  • General
    Manufacturer LockedBrands
    Brand Pillar
    Manufacturer Product No. PILLAR01
    UPC 850000822016
    System Requirements 2.4 Ghz WiFi
    Android 4.1 or later or iOS 9.0 or later
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    • 1x - LockedBrand Pillar
    • 1x - USB power supply and cable

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