Philips 798835 Hue Go (

Philips Hue Go

Add a Philips Hue Go with White and Colored Light to Your System
  • Control Hue Go with on-product control
  • Wireless control from any smartphone or tablet
  • Carry hue anywhere for up to 3 hours of portable light
  • Natural dynamic light effects have unique mixes of colors to set the right mood
  • Make use of timers, alarms, geofencing and full hue functionality with Hue bridge
  • Backwards compatible with hue bridges
  • Does not require a bridge for basic use


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  • hue Go brings light to any moment, anywhere. As part of the hue ecosystem, hue Go connects light to your daily life, and you can move it around the way you like it.

    hue Go lets you light spaces in new, creative ways and still enjoy all of the features of hue. It becomes a portable light you can carry in and around your home with an on-product control that does not need a phone or tablet to control.

    With hue Go, you can paint with light and change the mood of your home to match any moment with just the press of a button. hue Go can wake you up gradually for a fresh and gentle start to each day instead of an abrupt alarm, and help you unwind after a long day with a cozy, warm light gradually turning off as you fall asleep.

    hue Go can be controlled from anywhere when connected to the hue bridge and can sync with music and movies for an immersive experience, tailored to your daily routines and special moments.

    hue Go has all shades of white light and colored light and also has five preset light effects, each with their own mix of slowly changing colors to set the right mood. It has a rechargeable battery so it can be plugged in, or it can rely on battery for use. It gives off 300 lumens of light. hue Go does not require a hue bridge for basic use, but requires a hue bridge for full functionality and control via smartphone or tablet.

    Portable light

    Light spaces in new, creative ways and still enjoy all the features of Philips hue. Simply detach hue Go from the mains, and it becomes a portable light you can carry in and around your home. Although hue Go is not waterproof, it is designed to withstand high humidity.

    Play with light your way, limited only by your imagination. Light up a safari trip in your backyard, flare a beacon atop you blanket fort, or explore the mummy's crypt under your bed.


    Control your way

    Control hue Go wirelessly from any iOS or Android device via the Philips hue app or any third party app developed for hue. Set timers, notifications, alarms, geofencing and more.

    No smart device at hand? No worries. You can also control hue Go conveniently with the on-product control. Simply press the button to browse through the seven preset light settings: warm white light, cool daylight, and 5 natural dynamic effects, or pick your favorite color via the color loop function.

    Connected to you

    When connected to the bridge, hue Go supports all the hue connectivity features. Enjoy light effects synced to your favorite music. Extend your AmbiLight TV experience to the whole room. Lift your gaming experience to the next level via third party apps. The possibilities are endless.



    Natural dynamic effects

    Enhance special moments with living light. hue Go has 5 patented natural dynamic effects: Cozy Candle, Sunday Coffee, Meditation, Enchanted Forest, and Night Adventure. Each dynamic effect has its own mix of colors to set the right mood.

    Always be in the right mood. Use the light around you to inspire, relax, and get active. Now your lighting can be as dynamic as you are.

    Ultimate wake-up experience

    Get the ultimate wake-up experience.

    Thanks to deep dimming, hue Go helps you to wake up fresh and energized in the morning. The gradually increasing light intensity gives you the feeling you are waking up from daylight in a gentle and natural way.
  • Specifications

    Brand Philips
    Brand Product No. 798835
    UPC 46677798833
    Dimensions L 8.24" x W 8..27" x H 4.49 "
    Weight 2.17 lbs
    Usage Indoor use only
    Bulb Type LED
    Wattage 6 Watts
    Voltage 220-240Volts
    Light Output 300 Im @ 4000K
    270 Im @ 6500K
    260 Im @ 3000K>br? 240 Im @ 2200K
    Color Temperature All shades of white, from warm to cold color temperatures
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    Great for kids Review by James
    Great for kids

    Especially those who are afraid of the dark. Great for lighting inside the traditional "bed sheet" fort in bed. Portable and compatible with the hue bridge but not dependent on it.

    Posted on 11/27/2018

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