Philips 432856 hue Add-on GU10 Dimmable Light Bulb


Philips 432856 hue Add-on GU10 Dimmable Color-Changing Light Bulb

Enjoy Remote Control of a Personalized Lighting Scheme from Smartphone or Tablet
  • Functional LED light compatible with popular GU10 sockets
  • 16 million colors
  • All shades of white, from warm to cold color temperatures
  • Dimming only via RF down to 5% (no external dimmer)
  • Create light settings based on your favorite images
  • Tune, dim, and control Hue via a smartphone, tablet or the web
  • Select expert light recipes that help you relax or concentrate
  • Use timers to help you get up in the morning and go to bed in the evening
  • Beam angle 38°

  • * The hue Bridge is required for remote control of this product from the hue App - the hue Bridge is not included with this product, however, it is available with any hue Starter Kit


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    • Philips hue combines brilliant LED light with intuitive technology. Then puts it in the palm of your hand. Together, the bulbs, the bridge and the app will change the way you use light. Forever. Experiment with shades of white, from invigorating blue/white to cozy yellow/white. Or play with all the colors in the spectrum. Hue can wake you up. Help protect your home. Relive your favorite memories. Improve your mood. Even keep you informed about the weather. Not just stunning, hue is smart too. And it’s tailored for you.

      The hue bulbs have it covered. Every shade of white light. All the colors in the spectrum. They’ve got the lot. Have a sunset in your living room. Or just create a nice place to read. Hue bulbs can do whatever you want. They also dim, flash and pulse. Perfect for alarms and timers. It’s complete control over your lighting. And as all hue bulbs do, they fit into your existing light fittings.

      The hue GU10 wireless LED light bulbs bring hue to life. They deliver clear and crisp light. All shades of white. And every color in the spectrum. They don’t just look great. They’re practical too. They dim. They flash. They pulse. They do pretty much anything you want. And they plug right in to your current GU10 fittings. Naturally.


      Lighting is about more than just illuminating the dark. It doesn’t take an expert to notice bad light. And the right light can transform entire spaces. Even change the way you feel. With hue, you get full control over the light in your life. Set the mood. Change the ambiance. Feel different. This is what hue can do. With tunable white light and a full spectrum of color, all at the tap of an app, you can set the perfect tone and enhance a moment. All in an instant.

      Pick a photo – from the app or your own library - to use as your palette. Then simply drag the color picker across the image and your bulbs will match the color instantly. Easy. So now you can relive that glorious sunset. Or bring the calm of the ocean straight into your living room. Whatever you feel like. Like your creation? Then save it as a ‘scene’ to use again. Really like it? Then show off a bit and share it with the hue community. Scenes can be anything from a single bulb’s color, to a whole house bathed in light. And everything in between. It’s all up to you.


      Health & Well-being

      Did you know the human body needs to warm up to be fully awake? And then cool down again for sleep? We need time to get ready. That’s where light comes in. Cool blue light is best for the mornings. Warm yellow for the evenings. It’s biology. Hue lights up your home just the way you want it. That’s pretty great as it is. But it also offers the biological benefits of light. Our ‘Light Recipes’ have been proven to create the perfect environment for your needs.

      The ‘Reading’ recipe provides the ideal light for reading. Not too bright. Not too dark. Just right to curl up with a good book. ‘Relax’ does exactly that. The soft, soothing glow is the natural antidote to a hectic life. ‘Concentrate’ is a finely tuned combination of color and brightness. Designed to help you focus and remain alert. ‘Energize’ will bathe you in bright and vibrant light for when you need that extra kick.


      Security & Safety

      Hue can help, in smart and useful ways, to keep your home more secure. If you’re not home, turning the lights on in the evenings can make it seem like you’re still there. This is where hue’s smart ecosystem comes in handy.

      Set alarms so your lights come on automatically. Forget to program the lights before you leave home? No worries. Simply control them remotely via the portal. Wherever in the world you might be. You can even set rooms to light up at different times. Plus, with geofencing technology, hue can also welcome you back home. Simply set your lights to turn on the moment you walk up to your front door.


      Notified by Light

      This is where light gets really smart. You see, hue is more than just a connected bulb. It can become an integral part of your day-to-day life. Alarms. Timers. Alerts. All tailored to the life you lead. Set hue to wake you up gently with the soft glow of a sunrise. Or turn all the lights off at the kids’ bedtime. Use the timer to tell you when dinner’s finished cooking in the oven. Or have it remind you when your favorite show is on TV.

      You can even link hue to data feeds via the IFTTT service. So your lights can tell you when you get an important email. When the weather changes. A gentle reminder to take a break from studying, working or practicing piano. So many possibilities. Take a look at the current hue recipes on IFTTT. Or get creative with your own.


      The App

      The key to controlling hue lies in the palm of your hand. Use the app to change colors, brightness, functions and everything else in between. However you want it. Control your bulbs one at a time or all together. Find the right intensity and shade of white for the task at hand. Pick that perfect tone to match the moment. Or select a color from a photo and recreate it in your room.


      Myhue portal

      You don’t have to be at home to control your lights. The Myhue portal is an online control panel that connects you to hue, from anywhere in the world. Make it look like someone’s home when you’re relaxing on the beach. Or just switch your lights off if you’ll be home later than you thought. The portal also saves your personalized scenes and Light Recipes. And it even keeps your bridge software up-to-date.

      The Bridge

      The bridge* is heart of the hue system. The bridge is literally a bridge between your app and the bulbs. Linked to wi-fi via your router, it can connect up to 50 bulbs at a time. Not to mention hue’s other accessories, like hue tap.The bridge also connects your system to the wider world. With it you can control your lights remotely or link them up to the rest of the web, newsfeeds or even your own inbox. It’s really rather smart.

      * The hue Bridge is required for remote control of this product from the hue App - the hue Bridge is not included with this product, however, it is available with any hue Starter Kit
    •  Specifications

       Brand  Philips
       Product Family  hue
       Manufacturer Part Number  432856
       UPC Code  046677432850
       Power  • 6.5 Watt max. operation power
       • 0.45 Watt max. standby power
       Form Factor  GU10
       Life Expectancy  15,000 hours
       Start Up  • <2 sec start up from wall switch
       • <0.5 sec start up from standby
       • Default start-up 1951m @ 2700K
       Software Upgradeable  Yes
       Lumens  • 300 Im @ 4000K
       • 210 Im @ 3000K
       • 145 Im @ 2000K
       • 230 Im @ 6500K
       Efficacy  38 Im/W luminous efficacy @ 4000K
       CRI  >80 CRI from 2000-4000K
       Compatibility  • iOS: iOS 7.0 and upwards on iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 6, 6 Plus
         iPad 2, 3rd and 4th generation
         iPad Air 1, 2
         iPad Mini 1, 2, 3
         iPod touch 5th generation

       • Android (tested): Android 2.3 and upwards on:
         Galaxy S2, S3, S4, S5
         Google Nexus 5, Motorola Nexus 6, Google Nexus 7
         Note, Note 2, Note 3, Note 4
         OnePlus One
         HTC One
         Sony Xperia Z3
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