Endura Flap Pet Door, Door Mount, Small Single Flap - 6"w x 11"h, White Frame

Endura Flap Pet Door, Door Mount, Small Single Flap - 6"w x 11"h, White Frame

Extreme Performance Pet Door and Keeps Your Home Sealed from the Outdoor Elements
  • Designed for cats and small dogs
  • Self-Framing for all doors
  • Beefy aluminum frame construction
  • Sturdy Locking Cover
  • High Aspect Ratio design
  • Provision to add magnets
  • Environmentally friendly 'Green' flap material


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  • The heart of any pet door is the flap, and pet door flaps have always been a big disappointment to the pet door owner. They leak, they don't insulate, they pinch the pet, they blow open, they don't fit the pet and they wear out quickly so the user needs to buy an expensive replacement flap and start over again. Until Now! The award winning Endura Flap Pet Door for Doors is the premium solution for adding a pet door to your home. If you've never owned a pet door before, you're going to be very satisfied - it does everything you think it should. But if you have ever owned a pet door, hold on to your socks. You're not going to believe how much better this is that what you've had in the past.

    The standards which the Endura Flap Pet Door is built, and no other pet door is, are as follows:

    • Be flexible and safe
    • Seal tightly against weather - Insulate like dual pane glass - Not yellow in the sun
    • Last 'forever' - Remain flexible in very low temperatures - Have appropriate dimensions
    • Stand up to wind - Be visually clear - Be environmentally friendly
    • Reflect superb engineering - Be Made in the USA

    For a detailed description of these features, click here.

    To ensure the correct size for your application, see the following chart:

    Endura Flap (Pet Door for Doors)
    SKU Flaps Flap Size Rough Cut Frame Dimensions
    60502 1 6" x 11" 8 3/8" x 15" 9 7/16" 15 3/4"
    60504 1 8" x 15" 10 1/2" x 19" 11 1/2" x 20"
    60506 1 10" x 19" 12 1/2" x 23" 13 9/16: x 23 5/8"
    60508 1 12" x 23" 14 5/8" x 27 1/8" 15 5/8" x 28"

    Please Note: Endura Flaps are not recommended for use by kittens or very small dogs. Cats have been successful using the #06, however a few have found the #08 difficult to use. We would not recommend using the #10 or #12 or any of the double flap versions for cats.

    Should you order a single flap Endura pet door or a double flap?

    In the past it was easy to give good advice: If a particular pet door was available in a double-flap version get it unless you're in a very moderate climate or you're not putting the pet door in a living area. This was because the double was always so much better than the single. Now, however, with the Endura Flap, things are different. The single is very, very good. And we don't want to push you to a more expensive double if you don't need it. On the other hand, the double will always be better than the single. What to do?? Here's what seems to make sense: If you plan to use the Endura flap in an area where it gets to freezing or below for significant periods then get the double. If not, we think you'll be very happy with the single.

    Single Flap - on inside of the door (same side as locking cover)

    Double Flap - one on each side. The included dead-air-space and extra flap add significantly to the already considerable insulation and sealing values.

  • General
    Manufacturer Patio Pacific
    Manufacturer Product No. 03PP06 1
    UPC 873653002710
    Flap Size 6" x 11"
    Rough Cut 8 3/8" x 15"
    Outside Frame Dimensions 9 7/16" x 15 3/4".
    Manufacturing Location 100% Designed, Engineered and Manufactured in the USA
    Manufacturer Warranty 90 day return, 10 year warranty, 15 year warranty on the "Endura" flap assembly
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    • 1x - Flap Frames
    • 1x - Trim Frame
    • 8x - Hole Plugs
    • 4x - Open Barrel Nuts
    • 4x - 1 3/4" Screws
    • 4x - 2 1/4" Screws
    • 2x - Weather Strips
    • 1x - Plastic Screw
    • 1x - Warranty Information
    • 1x - Installation Template

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