Parrot Zikmu Solo Bluetooth Tower Speaker - White


Parrot Zikmu Solo Bluetooth Tower Speaker - White

Wireless Bluetooth Streaming Tower Speaker with Customizable Settings through iOS/Android App
  • Compatible with Bluetooth iOS and Android devices
  • Three 20W flat-panel speakers and one 40W woofer produce 100W audio output
  • Comes with wireless and traditional hard line connectivity options
  • Parrot Audio Suite app allows for customizable music settings and effects
  • Features a built-in 30-pin power port speaker dock to mount and charge your device


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  • The state-of-the-art Zikmu PAIPF551230AA Solo Bluetooth Tower Speaker from Parrot offers impressive, high-quality sound for your home theater entertainment audio system. From the softest whispers to the highest impact sound effects, this 2.1 stereo audio speaker has no equal to its clarity and dynamic range from two 20W side HARP (high aspect ratio panel) drivers between 20Hz and 350KHz, a center 20W BMR (balanced modal radiator) driver between 20Hz and 350KHz, and a bottom 40W woofer between 50Hz and 350Hz. This speaker features built-in Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC (for quick pairing) for streaming music anywhere in your home.

    Aside from wireless connectivity features, the Zikmu Solo is DLNA compatible for networked streaming, and can pair with another Zikmu Solo via Wi-Fi for greater audio output. If you don't want wirelessly streamed audio, the Zikmu Solo has a built-in 30-pin MP3 player power charging dock at the top. However, if a traditional home entertainment set-up is preferred, the Zikmu Solo has a LAN port, an analog line, and a digital optical input for proper digital sound connection directly to your television, or home entertainment systems or consoles. A traditional approach means multiple wires and cords are plugged into the Zikmu Solo which shouldn't have other connected cables except for the power plug, but will provide a much stronger and clearer audio output.

    The Zikmu Solo comes with a free Parrot Audio Suite app (iOS and Android compatible) for toggle and utility-based options to customize your personal audio preferences. From the app, you can change the "room size," and "speaker position" in relation to the room size to optimize the audio output. This app also features an equalizer working directly with the speaker's sound settings and a set of pre-set modes (Flat, Pop, Club, Punchy, Deep, Crystal, and User). You can also change the source volume directly from the app, work with Bluetooth and wider volume management, and name your speaker. Of course, your preferences are sure to vary, but these options are here and a key way to personalize sound to your tastes whether you like gobs of bass, more vocal clarity, or specific spacing between audio outputs.

    Parrot Audio Suite App


    Parrot Audio Suite Features

    1. Audio Effects: This option disables the stereo effect of the Zikmu Solo. It is recommended to leave this option enabled.
    2. Bass Extender: When enabled, this option transmits bass frequencies down to 30Hz.
    3. Progressive Volume: Progressively increases the volume when the speaker starts.
    4. Room Size: Adjusts the Zikmu Solo audio settings based on the size of the room in which it is located.
    5. Positioning The Speaker: This option lets you optimize the acoustics based on the position of your Zikmu Solo in the room.
    6. Player: Displays the sources available and lets you select a title, play it and adjust the volume.
    7. Source Volume: Lets you adjust the volume of each connected source (by -10dB to +10dB).
    8. System: Lets you rename the Zikmu Solo, connects Zikmu Solo to your Wi-Fi network, and select your network drives. Enables automatic updates, checks the installed software version and whether a more recent version is available. Also shows the installed application version and lets you read the online user manual.

    Zikmu Solo Traditional Conditions

    1. iPhone and iPod Dock: The Zikmu Solo is a 2.1 stereo speaker system with an iPhone and iPod dock at the top. The dock uses a digital connection to preserve the purity of the digital audio signal coming from your iDevices, ensuring incomparable sound quality of your songs. Furthermore, the Zikmu Solo lets you listen to your music while recharging your device.
    2. Line-In: The Zikmu Solo is equipped with a combined input socket: 1) An Analogue Line-in to connect your speaker to a wide range of audio sources, such as TVs, HiFi channels, etc., and 2) A Digital Optical Input for high-quality 24-bit sound.
    3. Ethernet Port: The integrated Ethernet port at the base of the Zikmu Solo lets you extend your home network with complete security, reliability and stability to areas that are not covered by Wi-Fi.

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Parrot
    Manufacturer Product No. PAIPF551230AA
    UPC 3520410008627
    Dimensions Height: 29.52 inches (750 millimeters)

    Base: 12.59 inches x 11.42 inches (320 millimeters x 290 millimeters)

    Top: 5.11 inches x 1.3 inches (130 millimeters x 35 millimeters)
    Weight 4.4 pounds (6.2 kilograms)
    Power Supply 115W
    Update Method Updates via Wi-Fi and Ethernet
    Compatible Audio Formats AAC



    Side Panels 2 x 20W side HARP (High Aspect Ratio Rate)

    Driver: 350Hz - 20KHz
    Center Speaker 1 x 20W central BMR (Balance Modal Radiator)

    Driver: 350Hz - 20KHz
    Woofer 40W 1 x 40W 6" neodymium

    Woofer: 50Hz - 350Hz
    Audio Restitution 30Hz - 20kHz
    Audio Power 100W RMS output

    Class D amplifier for pure digital sound
    Manufacturer Warranty 1-year limited warranty
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    • 1x - Remote Control
    • 1x - AC Power Cord
    • 1x - Optical Toslink Adapter/ 3.5 inches jack
    • 1x - Quick Start Guide (battery included)
    • Universal dock adapters

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