Paraben iRecovery Stick iPhone Data Recovery Tool

Paraben iRecovery Stick iPhone Data Recovery Tool

Tiny USB Utility Device Recovers Your iPhone's Precious Data
  • Simple software easily recovers important lost data from your iPhone
  • Complete and automated data recovery within 15 minutes to a few hours, click and go
  • Designed for everyday users, including employers, professionals, and parents
  • No forensic experience needed, user friendly for everyone
  • Recovers and sorts data into their respective, individual folders



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  • If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to recover lost information from your beloved iPhone, the iRecovery Stick from Paraben is available for you. The iRecovery Stick is a small, USB thumb-drive device whose sole purpose is to assure the recovery of your deleted Contacts, SMS, Text Messages, Call History, Pictures, Calendar Entries, and more. One of the coolest features of the iRecovery Stick is the ability to recover Data Tracking Points (iOS versions: V4.3.2 or earlier) which allows you to see where your iPhone has been. Recovered Data Tracking Points are displayed in Google Earth (separate download and installation required) so you can visually see individual locations including time stamps and dates!

    Designed for everyone, it's as easy as connecting your iPhone to a computer and then connecting the iRecovery Stick to an available USB port on the same computer. Once both devices are connected to the same computer, startup the included software installed on the iRecovery Stick and simply choose what lost information you want to recover; Click and go! Similar to what Law Enforcement Agencies use, iRecovery Stick's data recovery software is now on its way to recovering your lost data and you'll be back up and running within 15 minutes to a few hours. Upon completion, recovered data is sorted into its own corresponding category and can even be generated into a report. Such powerful and simple features makes the iRecovery Stick a necessary addition to your iPhone.

    The Phone Recovery Stick is available for Android Phone users.

    The PIN for locked phones is required before running a data recovery. Do not remove the iRecovery Stick during the data recovery process. The iRecovery Stick does not function with Jailbroken or hacked iPhones.

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Paraben
    Manufacturer Product No. iRecovery Stick
    UPC 610563605613
    Color White
    Type of Data Recovered Text Messages, Call History, Contacts, Web History, Calendar, Appointment Reminders, Photos, Voice Memos, Email Accounts, Map History, Dynamic Text Data, Phone Properties, Data from iTunes Backup Files on Host Computer
    Supported Operating Systems Windows: 2000, XP, Vista, 7
    Supported iOS Versions 5.1 and earlier | Version 4.3.2 and earlier required to take advantage of Data Tracking Point recovery

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    Parabens irecovery stick Review by Spy girl 03
    Parabens irecovery stick

    I would highly recommend the Paraben irecovery stick to anyone. If you need to recover deleted data and have run out of options or can't get from backups then this is your best bet! I found out my husband of 21yrs had been texting a co-worker very affectionate messages, just as I started to read them he took his phone and deleted them all. I didn't know much about iPhones or recovery, but as I looked closer I found that he had been texting her for over 5 mths(over 800 text in all). With him denying everything I was desperate to know the truth-after all my future and health were at stake! By the time I educated myself enough on the matter it was too late for back ups and none if the data recovery downloads worked. When my husband discovered what I was doing he threatened to toss the phone into a lake. So when I found this product it was a life saver! I was able to scan his phone while he was sleeping and he never knew. Product isn't cheap and process can take several hours-but it did recover most of the text I needed-and I found the truth I was so desperate for, and for that I would've paid anything! Thanks Paraben...I owe you more than you will ever know!

    Posted on 1/2/2015

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