Panasonic 8 x 24 Phone System w/3 7731B

Panasonic 8 x 24 Phone System w/3 7731B

Expandable Panasonic Telephone System Includes 3 LCD Speakerphones



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  • The built-in DISA (Direct Inward System Access) feature provides a simplified "auto-attendant" with up to three levels of single-digit voice-prompts (for example, "For sales press 1, for returns press 2"). After the first number is pressed, the directory can then open to another menu, ("For Tech Sales press 1, for Outdoor Sales 2"). This can go three levels deep without upgrades. The DISA will also automatically connect incoming fax transmissions to your specified fax extension, eliminating the need for a dedicated fax line.

    The Panasonic 8 x 24 Phone System can pass Caller ID information both to the included Panasonic proprietary phones and to single-line devices, such as fax machines, answering machines, and modems. Unlike many phone systems, the Panasonic 8 x 24 Phone System allows you to connect many types of single-line devices without the need for additional cards or modules. On the LCD phones, the Caller ID information shows up on the LCD screen, even if the user is on a call, so they can screen calls at a glance.

    The Panasonic 8 x 24 Phone System offers a variety of options to enable customized solutions. Assign specific lines to each phone, make office-to-office intercom calls, forward calls to an outside location or your cell phone, page all system extensions, and much more.

    Program up to 100 32-digit frequently called numbers into the system for quick and easy dialing from any system phone. Prohibit certain outgoing calls by restricting selected system extensions from accessing specific area codes or exchanges — this restriction can even be limited only during certain hours. Additional features include PC programming for remote and on-site system administration and music/message on hold.

    By adding accessories to your system, you'll be able to expand the system's usage and add features to customize your phone system to your company. Available accessories include:

    3 x 8 Expansion Card — Expands the system to support an additional 3 COs (incoming lines) and 8 extensions.
    2 x 8 Expansion Card — Expands the system to support an additional 2 COs and 8 extensions.
    8-port Extension Card — Expands the system to support an additional 8 extensions.
    Door Phone/Door Open Card — Supports up to 4 door intercoms. This card is also equipped with 4 relay contacts to control 4 door strike mechanisms or other compatible low-voltage devices.
    DISA/Auto Attendant Expansion Card — Adds 1 channel and 180 seconds to the built-in DISA features for a total of 2 channels (simultaneous users) and 360 seconds.
    Voice Message Card — Adds basic voice messaging features to the system. Supports 2 channels (simultaneous users), 60 minutes total recording time.
    Caller ID Card — Passes Caller ID to telephones connected to the system. One is included with system; another 2 can be installed (required for Caller ID service to expanded extensions).

    All of these accessories are sold separately. The Panasonic Phone System is also available to be purchased separately.

    Turn your phone system into an intercom. The Panasonic Premium Doorphone connects to your doorbell and phone system and triggers your phones to ring with a distinctive ring when a visitor arrives. Pick up any phone to talk to your visitor.

    Three Panasonic LCD Speakerphones are included with this kit. Each features 24 programmable buttons. The backlit, adjustable-contrast single-line LCD display shows the time, day, month, dialing number and call duration, and the dial pad is also backlit, making it much easier to dial in the dark. Additional features on these wall-mountable phones include auto answer/mute, automatic redial, and hands-free answer back. In addition to the 24 programmable buttons, the Panasonic LCD Speakerphones also feature 10 fixed buttons for frequently used tasks, including intercom, conference, voice mail, forward/DND, and redial.

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer Product No.:KX-TA824PK
    Warranty:1 year, limited


    Dimensions:11 3/4" x 14 1/2" x 4"
    Weight:11.7 lbs.
    Capacity:3 to 8 CO lines, 8 to 24 extensions
    Intercom Path:4 paths
    Dialing Method:External: tone/pulse (10 pps, 20 pps); internal: tone/pulse (10 pps, 20 pps)
    Dialing Conversion:Tone to pulse or pulse to tone
    Switching:Space division CMOS crosspoint switch
    Power Failure:Transfer: 2 CO lines to pre-assigned extensions
    Backup:Several hours with UPS
    Connections:CO lines: modular jack (RJ-11)
    Intercom:4-pin modulator connector (RJ-14)
    Paging:Phono jack
    External Music:2-conductor jack
    SMDR:RS-232C interface port (D-Sub, 9 pin)
    Power Source:AC 120V, 60 Hz


    Dimensions:8 3/4" x 8" x 1 1/2"
    LCD Display Length:1 line, 16 characters
    Headset Jack Size:2.5mm

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    Review of 5212ak Review by Doctor Panasonic
    Review of 5212ak

    I bought this system 2 years ago, and extension expansion card, voice message card and caller ID. I wanted to use the DISA feature. If an extension is busy and a caller selects it, that caller is just disconnected, or it sends the caller to an extension they didnt select. no work around! The manuals are in Jinglish Japanese English the install manuel refers you to the user manual which sends you to the program manuel etc, and many questions are never answered!. Panasonic is of no help at all. Panasonic Tecs, cant make the system work. I would not recommend it unless you buy the stand alone voice message box to handle your voice mail messages.

    Posted on 10/28/2009

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