Panamax SM3-PRO BlueBOLT System Manager Power Bank with Surge Protection

Panamax SM3-PRO BlueBOLT System Manager Power Bank with Surge Protection

Uncompromised AC Protection and Purification with BlueBOLT Remote Control
  • Remotely monitor and control equipment and appliance loads via the web
  • 3 rear panel outlets (2 groups of controllable outlet banks)
  • Revolutionary AVM (Automatic Voltage Monitoring) circuit
  • Exclusive Linear Filtering Technology (LiFT)
  • BlueBOLT-enabled management from any web enabled device
  • Schedule On an Off times to reduce energy consumption
  • LAN signal protection
  • 2 Accessory Ports for External Sensors/Triggers
  • Front panel bank override buttons
  • Includes universal rack mount for installation in an equipment rack, closet or cabinet
Please Note: The BlueBOLT communication of this device requires a direct connection via an Ethernet cable to a Router.


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  • Remote Access   Plug-in Design   Three Receptacles

    Remote Access   Plug-in Design   Three Receptacles
    Control connected components from any smart device or computer with web access   Plug into a standard outlet for remote On/Off control and cloud-based energy monitoring   2 independently controlled power banks (3 outlets)

    15 Amps   Indicator Lights   Scheduling

    15 Amps   Indicator Lights   Scheduling
    15 Amp relay for appliances or lights, built-in surge protection and noise filter   LED lights identify the status of each power bank, network connection and surge protection   Schedule On and OFF times via the web interface to eliminate wasted power

    For Home Use

    With the Panamax SM3-PRO BlueBOLT System Manage, you can control and monitor up to 3 AC outlets from anywhere at anytime using an Internet connected mobile phone, tablet or computer. A convenient web interface allows remote access of all your BlueBOLT devices. Ideal for entertainment systems (behind flat panel TV), and network equipment hubs, this awesome component offers independent control over 2 sets of controlled power banks (one two outlet bank, and a single outlet bank) so you can properly regulate how often any plugged in devices are being used. Each bank can be remotely turned on or off, or a schedule can be created within the web interface to program on and off times. When a bank is turned on or off, all outlets within that bank will turn on or off. It protects connected equipment from power surges and dangerous voltage conditions. Further, it filters AC power and EMI/RFI interference to deliver clean power and get the best performance out of your electronics. To top it off, there are a pair of 12V power triggers. When connectivity is lost, this smart power bank will automatically reboot network equipment to get things back up and running. It can be used as a free standing component, however a universal rack mount is included for those looking to make this a part of a professional rack mount installation.

    For Integrators

    This System Manager Power Bank with Surge Protection reduces service calls through remote control of the 3 AC outlets from any internet or web-enabled device and by automatically rebooting network equipment. In addition, the BlueBOLT platform provides real-time and historical power-related data, including energy consumption in kWh and dollars. This data allows installers to categorize and track their clients' energy usage in residential and commercial settings, and schedule conservation commands to power-down equipment during planned downtime, thereby eliminating wasted power and lowering utility bills. It is a cost-effective option that allows installers to more easily deliver the benefits of the BlueBOLT platform throughout an entire residential or commercial space. AC outlets can be controlled and monitored anytime, from anywhere, using a smartphone, tablet or computer while being in a safe environment via the built-in surge protection and noise filters.

    BlueBOLT Family of Products

    Gateway   SmartPlug   SmartPlug with Surge Protection

    Gateway   SmartPlug   SmartPlug with Surge Protection

    System Manager Bank   Rackmount Power Bank   Network Interface Card

    System Manager Bank   Rackmount Power Bank   Network Interface Card

    More About BlueBOLT

    BlueBOLT remote power, energy and network management provides real-time, cloud-based control and monitoring of the energy used by electronic devices. Users can simply plug electronics into a BlueBOLT-enabled power management device to open up a new world of command and visibility of energy usage. From easy reboots of locked-up electronics to comprehensive energy tracking and scheduled conservation, BlueBOLT provides a unique combination of control and monitoring directly at the electronics' power source.

  •  Specifications

     Brand  Panamax
     Brand Family  BlueBOLT
     Manufaturer Part Number  SM3-PRO
     UPC Code  050616010108
     AC Power - Voltage Protection Rating  330V L-N, 400V L-G, 400V N-G
     AC Power - Under-voltage Shutoff  95 VAC ± 2 VAC
     AC Power - Over-voltage Shutoff  134 VAC ± 2 VAC
     AC Power - Nominal Discharge Current  3,000 Amps
     AC Power - Maximum Current Rating  15 Amps
     AC Power - Energy Dissipation  1,800 Joules (8/20µs)
     AC Power - Initial Clamping Level  200 V
     AC Power - Line Voltage  120 VAC, 60Hz
     EMI / RFI Noise Filtration  -15.9dB @ 10kHz, -43.5dB @ 100kHz, -49.3dB @ 1MHz
     BlueBOLT Enabled  Yes
     2-Port Ethernet Switch  2 x RJ-45, 10/100Base-T
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  • •  Owner's Manual
  • •  1x - System Manager
    •  1x - Two foot detachable power cordr
    •  1x - Retention Clip
    •  2x - Screws
    •  1x - Universal Mounting Bracket
    •  1x - Quick-Start Guide

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