Panamax P360-Dock 6-Outlet Charging Station with 2 USB Ports

Panamax P360-Dock 6-Outlet Charging Station with 2 USB Ports

Ultimate Power Protection and USB Charging
  • Best in class protection
  • 6 AC outlets
  • 2 high capacity USB ports
  • Built-in charging cradle
  • LED protection indicator



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    Protect up to 6 Devices   2 USB Ports   Protect or Disconnect
    Three front and three bottom outlets allow flexible cord and plug placement.   2.1A capacity can charge up to two devices simultaneously   Keeps electronics safe from power spikes by disconnecting load in a catastrophic event


    SmartGuard   Circle of Protection   Charging Cradle
    Protects against brownouts and dangerous over-voltage conditions. Disconnects the power when the incoming voltage falls below 95 Volts or rises above 140 Volts; reconnects when the voltage returns to a safe level   LED indicator monitors the outlet wiring, voltage and protection status   Holds up to two devices while charging; USB cords can be tucked neatly behind the unit

    Panamax knows power protection. We’ve been protecting sensitive electronics for over 40 years. Now we are bringing power to the people with POWER360. Step up from your regular power strip. POWER360 provides advanced technologies previously available in only the most advanced power management components. Innovative USB charging options. A beautiful modern design. A convenient, elegant and advanced approach to keep your electronics charged up, powered on and safe.

    While most of us commonly associate surge protectors with lightning, POWER360 is much more. In the event of a catastrophic event, Panamax’s exclusive Protect-Or-Disconnect technology will cut power to your equipment before it can be damaged. The much more common dangers of brownouts and overvoltage conditions are defended against by SmartGuard automatic voltage monitoring. And everything is indicated on POWER360’s Circle of Protection display, letting you know at glance that your investments are protected.

    The Power360 Dock is a six outlet (3 front, 3 bottom) wall-mounted USB charging station ideal for counter outlets. The “Charging Cradle” at top accommodates two mobile devices/tablets for convenient charging. Features best-in-class protection with active over/under-voltage protection that automatically resets itself when power conditions return to normal. The Circle of Protection™ LED displays real time protection, wiring and voltage status. The Power360 Dock is covered by a lifetime product warranty plus a $75,000 connected equipment protection policy.

    More About the Circle of Protection

    The CIRCLE OF PROTECTION provides peace of mind that your connected equipment is safe. When all lights are blue, you can rest assured that your electronics are protected.
      •  PROTECTED
          •  BLUE indicates that the POWER360 is functioning properly and that all connected equipment is protected.
          •  OFF indicates that the power is disconnected from the outlets.
              •  If this light is OFF and the VOLTAGE light is illuminated BLUE, then the PROTECT OR DISCONNECT feature in your POWER360 has
                 protected your equipment from a catastrophic surge event and disconnected power. Unplug all electronics from your POWER360 and
                 contact Panamax Tech Support for assistance.
      •  WIRING
          •  BLUE indicates that the wall outlet is properly wired and grounded.
          •  RED indicates an open ground (no ground wire) or reverse wiring (polarity) condition is detected. Unplug all electronics from your
             POWER360 and contact Panamax Tech Support for assistance.
      •  VOLTAGE
          •  BLUE indicates that incoming voltage is within a safe range.
          •  RED indicates an over-voltage or brownout condition and that POWER360 has disconnected power to connected equipment to keep it safe.
             POWER360 will automatically reset when voltage is back within a safe range. If condition persists, it is advisable to contact an electrician or
             your power company to determine the cause of the abnormal voltage issue.
  •  General Specifications

     Brand  Panamax
     Product Family  POWER360
     Manufacturer Part Number  P360-DOCK
     UPC Code  050616009973

     AC Surge Protection

     Voltage  120VAC
     Undervoltage Shutoff  95 VAC ± 5 VAC
     UL 1449 VPR (pending UL)  500 V
     Overvoltage Shutoff  140 VAC ± 7 VAC
     Nominal Discharge Current  3 kA
     Energy Dissipation  1080 Joules
     Current  15 A

     USB Charging

     Removable Modules  None
     Ports  2 USB Type A
     Output Voltage  5.0 VDC ± 0.5 VDC
     Output Current, Total  2.1 A max
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  • •  Owner's Manual
  • •  1x - POWER360 DOCK wall mount surge protector / USB charging station
    •  1x - Mounting screw
    •  1x - Instruction Manual

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