Automatic Bathroom Fan Shutoff

Older bathroom fans tend to be very audible, but as technology moves forward, new and more modern bathroom fans are becoming quieter during operation. There are many things one does before leaving the bathroom and forgetting to shutoff the bathroom fan after using the facilities isn't something out of the realm of possibilities, especially if its one of the more quieter fans. After all, we are only human, and therein lies the benefit of allowing INSTEON to turn the bathroom fan off automatically.

What You Need

  • 1x Insteon KeypadLinc Countdown Timer

How it Works

Replacing the standard bathroom fan switch with the Insteon KeypadLinc Countdown Timer provides you with a vast array of timing options to automate when your bathroom fan shuts off.

Options include the ability to program pre-set times of:

2, 5, 10,15, or 30 minutes

or 1 to 2 hours

With the Insteon KeypadLinc Countdown Timer, your bathroom fan will shutoff based upon the time you program. This not only saves money on your energy bill, but makes for overall smarter home.

Important Note

Before installing an Insteon wall switch or keypad, be sure to check that neutral wires are available behind the pre-existing wall switch. These neutral wires are usually a group of white wires that are capped off in back of the junction box.