Wireless Insteon Water Sensor

Receive a text message when a water leak is detected

The Open/Close Sensor is a wireless battery-operated Insteon transmitter that while used mainly as a door/window alert, it also can send On and Off commands to linked devices using a pair of contacts that can be connected to any Normally Open or Normally Closed sensor. This allows you to turn any type of sensor into an Insteon-compatible sensor. Here we will show you how to turn it into a water leak detector for use under sinks, next to toilets and the like. We will be attaching the Open/Close Sensor to a basic water sensor and linking it to a computer controller that can send text or email alerts such as HouseLinc, ISY, Indigo.

Required Equipment:

  • Open/Close Sensor Model #2843-222
  • Water Sensor #70033
  • Computer controller (HouseLinc, ISY, Indigo or other intelligent controller)
  • Internet connection
  • Small screwdriver

Step 1

Remove the Open/Close Sensor case and wire the water sensor to the hardwired input (two screw terminals). The water sensor can be wired for either normally open or normally closed triggers. For this purpose it won't matter since the computer controller can be set to trigger based on either an On or an Off command from Open/Close Sensor.

Step 2

The water sensor should be mounted so its metal contact sensors are touching the ground. Open/Close Sensor should be mounted in such a manner as to keep it from touching any potential water leaks. In the event that your leak turns into a flood you should keep the Open/Close Sensor mounted above floor level. Test the water sensor by exposing both the metal contacts to water. The moment they touch water the Open/Close Sensor's green LED should blink. Remove it from water and the LED should blink again. If this doesn't work make sure the water is touching both of the contacts and then check your connections to the Open/Close Sensor ensuring you have a proper connection.

Step 3

Link the Open/Close Sensor to your computer controller (follow software instructions for adding a device). Alternatively if you don't have a computer controller you can link the Open/Close Sensor to any other Insteon device such as an ApplianceLinc that could activate a strobe light or any other alert mechanism.

Step 4

Use your computer controller and set up a trigger that sends a text message based on a trigger from the Open/Close Sensor. You'll want to verify whether it is the On or Off command that is sent when water is detected and use that as your trigger.

Step 5

Place the Open/Close Sensor and water sensor setup under a sink or behind a toilet.

Step 6

Test your setup by activating the water sensor with small amount of water around the metal contacts. You should receive a text message.

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