Make Any Built-in Light an Insteon Light

Have you ever thought about automating a built-in light or appliance fixture, like a ceiling fan? You don't have to change the switch in order to do so.

Control any built-in incandescent light with Insteon commands using the Insteon In-LineLinc Dimmer, which wires in discreetly and permanently to any light. Use the Insteon In-LineLinc Relay to control any wired-in appliance or compact fluorescent lights.

These in-line fixture switches can mount in a standard J-box or in a more compact area, such as a ceiling fan fixture box. The In-LineLincs attach directly to your wiring, making it possible to control the unit via Insteon commands using a ControLinc tabletop controller, an Insteon SwitchLinc Dimmer, an Insteon RemoteLinc or a wall-mounted Insteon KeypadLinc Dimmer to communicate with the module from anywhere in the house. Manage your Insteon devices easily with HouseLinc Desktop software, which lets you use your computer to link and unlink any Insteon-compatible components.

Step 1: Installing the In-LineLinc Module

As with any installation involving electrical wires, make all connections with the power OFF in order to avoid possible injury or damage to the device.

To install the In-LineLinc, strip 3/4" of insulation from the ends of the conductors and make connections as shown in the installation manual wiring diagram. Mount the module using the included screws.

Step 2: Linking the In-LineLinc Module to an Insteon-Compatible Controller

Prior to closing up the junction box or reinstalling the fixture, write down the In-LineLinc's Insteon ID for future reference and link the In-LineLinc to the Insteon controller or controllers you'll be using to manage the light or appliance remotely.

To link the devices, hold down the controller's ON button for 10 seconds and then press the In-LineLinc's SET button for 3 seconds. Once linked, you'll be able to turn the light or appliance on and dim the light remotely. You can even assign the In-LineLinc an X10 address to control it with any X10 transmitter.

Step 3: Confirming the Signals

Using any linked Insteon transmitter, turn the In-LineLinc's light or appliance on and off to ensure the module controls the load in response to remote control.