Home Theater Lighting Control

Your home theater consists of more than a big-screen TV and surround-sound speakers. Numerous room features can add to your movie-watching experience, but you don't need to install thousands of dollars' worth of products to add ambience to your entertainment-filled evenings.

Movie Theater Lighting

Enjoy a movie theater experience in your very own living room by incorporating simple lighting control into the evening's events. Install an in-wall keypad in your entertainment area, and you'll be able to dim lights slowly as the opening credits run, and with the press of a button, lights can come back on to 50% when the movie ends. Need a quick bathroom break? Light a dim pathway to the closest restroom for relief without the shock of bright lights. The kit even includes an IRLinc which turns any universal remote into a remote for your lights!

Easy Installation

With just a screwdriver and 10 or 15 minutes, you can put together a custom lighting solution that doubles as a home management network that is ready to grow with you. A simple starter kit provides everything you need to start your Insteon lighting network and to begin controlling wall switches and lamps in your home theater or around your house.

Expand for Whole-House Control

Once you've gotten started, you'll easily be able to expand your lighting control system to include light switches, plug-in modules that control lamps or appliances, even software to create simple or elaborate lighting scenes.