Create the Perfect Dinner Lighting

Putting together a holiday meal or special occasion dinner for family and good friends can be a Herculean task, but it's one that offers countless rewards. As the host or hostess, it's your job to make sure that every belly is full, every tasty morsel is savored, and every moment is enjoyed. Your guests will appreciate your efforts, but their genuine, generous compliments are secondary to the sure knowledge of a perfect party.

The Little Things

It's the little things that will make your dinner presentation memorable, and you worked too hard on this evening to let it pass like any ordinary meal. Impressing your guests with instant ambience can be done with the press of a button. Setting up lighting scenes can be done in just a few minutes, and with a single keypad, you can create the perfect lighting schemes for the different phases of your meal. The KeypadLinc - Insteon Lamp and Wall Switch Control Kit is all you'll need to get started with automated remote-control lighting scenes.

Insteon Devices

Note: The Big Digit Caller ID Display requires a subscription to Caller ID service from your telephone service provider.

Garnish Your Dinner With Ambient Lighting

At the start of your evening, your friends and family may be enjoying a cocktail while you finish up the salad course, and with the press of a keypad button, you can turn your kitchen lights on full, the living room lights to 75%, and the patio lights to 50% to show off your landscaping. Ready to serve? Tap another keypad button, and the living room lights will dim slowly to 50%, the dining area lights will brighten to 80%, and the kitchen lights will dim quickly. Your guests will be amazed!

Get Creative With Scene Lighting

Planning on after-dinner drinks in the den? Or a festive dessert course? You can set the lights up to correspond to any of these events, and by setting them in scenes, you won't need to adjust during the big night. Insteon-compatible lighting is an inexpensive, energy-efficient, reliable system for creating the best possible lighting options for dinner parties and special occasions, letting you relax and enjoy the food, the conversation with friends and loved ones, and, of course, the endless compliments on your presentation.

Ready to set up your party lighting scenes? This kit contains everything you'll need to control 3 incandescent lights or groups of lights, 1 plug-in lamp, and 1 appliance or group of fluorescent lights. Not sure which devices to use on your lights? Call Smarthome's Customer Solution Center