Control Your Personal Steam Bath with Insteon

Have a long day at the office or an extra grueling workout? How nice would it be to be able to relax and calm your nerves in your own personal steam bath? Our project is based on the Mr. Steam steam bath generator system available at

Note that this is a fairly advanced setup and you should be familiar with home plumbing, electricity and carefully examine your existing layout and plumbing before moving forward. To safely install a steam generator in your home you should have a fully-enclosed shower or sealed, weatherproof room with a drain. Please consult the Mr. Steam installation guide for more information.

Getting started

Here is the diagram we are working from:

Equipment List

  • 1x - 6-Button KeypadLinc
  • 1x - I/O Linc Insteon Low Voltage Interface
  • 1x - Mr. Steam Residential Steambath Generator
  • 1x - Mr. Steam eTEMPO Control Kit
  • 1x - Mr. Stream HomeWizard Wireless Control

Note that each setup will be unique and you may require additional equipment.

Step 1

Install the Steambath generator, steam head, eTEMPO temperature controller and the HomeWizard controller. Please follow the Mr. Steam guidelines and installation instructions carefully.

Step 2

Configure the HomeWizard interface for Home Automation mode. You can test that the system is configured properly by connecting the on/off home automation connectors with a jumper wire. This should start the steam generator.

Step 3

Plug the I/O Linc to an outlet and connect the I/O Linc to the HomeWizard using the following diagram as a reference:

Wiring Diagram

Step 4

Replace your bathroom light switch with the KeypadLinc. The KeypadLinc has a built-in switch that allows you to continue controlling what the old light switch controlled and gives you four additional buttons that can be linked to other Insteon devices in the home.

Step 5

Select any of the small buttons on the KeypadLinc and link it to the I/O Linc by following the instructions in the quick-start guide.

Step 6

Test to ensure that all of your Insteon devices have been setup properly. At this point you should be able to control your personal steam bath from the KeypadLinc...Pretty cool huh? You're Done! Next time you have a rough day at the office, take comfort in the fact that you can relax and sooth your muscles in your own personal steam bath.

With Insteon Hub you would be able to control your steam bath from any smart phone, letting you turn on your steam bath from your car! We hope this helps some of you get off the ground with some of the more advanced features Insteon has to offer.