Controlling and Automating Pool Attachments with Insteon

Have you ever wanted to control your pool's pump, lighting, and/or heater from within the comfort of your home? How about from your Smartphone or Tablet? The versatility of Insteon allows you to modernize your home, including its amenities, with automation beyond what was previously possible. This solution will provide you with the essential steps needed to automate and remotely access your pool's pump, heater, and lighting using the latest Insteon dual-band technology. Let's get started!


This solution is considered to be an advanced setup and it is important to carefully examine the layout of your pool's wiring setup before continuing.

Required Parts:

  • Insteon SwitchLinc
  • Insteon 220V/240V 30 Amp Load Controller


One is required for each heavy duty pool related appliance. For example: one for the pool cleaner, one for the pool heater, etc...

1x - Insteon Hub

Step 1 - Replace the existing pool lighting switch

Replace your pool lighting switch with the Insteon SwitchLinc.

Step 2 - Connecting the Insteon 220V/240V 30 Amp Load Controller

Connect the Insteon Load Controller to your pool's pump or heater. Depending on your pool's configuration, this step may require a different configuration than what is outlined here. It is important to note that multiple Insteon Load Controllers will be needed when connecting a pool cleaner and pool heater. One Insteon Load Controller will be needed for each heavy duty pool related appliance being connected.

Step 3 - Integrating the Insteon Hub

Setup and configure the Insteon Hub. After setting up the Hub, follow the onscreen instructions to link your SwitchLinc and 220V Load Controller. Your pool equipment should now be controllable from your smartphone or tablet.

Step 4 - Relax and enjoy

Now, you will be able to not only control your pool's pump, lights, and/or heater from a comfortable and convenient location from within your home, but also schedule, automate, and access all connected pool related Insteon devices from the palm of your hand with a smartphone or tablet. Once you've setup remote access you can even log into your home before you leave the office and get the pool ready for your arrival.

Step 5 - Have fun expanding

The Insteon Hub can be expanded to control your entire house. Check out the video below for some ideas