Attic Storage

Step 1

Choose the correct size Attic Dek® panel for your installation. The size is determined by the width, on center, between the joists in your attic, either 16"" or 24"" on center. No tools, cutting or measuring are required for installation, however using a power screwdriver to secure tiles to floor joists is recommended

Step 2

Determine the layout for your installation. Panels can be placed in a row, side-by-side, or in any configuration you desire.

Step 3

Place the panel tabs on center between the joists. Some users install the panels in a stepping stone configuration to gain access to areas where the panels are installed in continuous rows.

Step 4

Screw into place to secure. Continue to piece together each additional panel until you have covered the intended storage area.


Complete: That's it, you're ready to re-organize and free your house of clutter. Racks can be placed in a row or side-by-side in any configuration to suit your desired measurements. Each tile can support up to 250 pounds.