Solar Accent Lighting

Give Your Home a New Look and Feel

By adding simple and strategically placed solar lights in your yard, you can transform it from a dark and ominous place to warm and welcoming home. Accenting your garden and your yard decorations is a great way to show off your green thumb at night. Speaking of green, these solar powered lights eliminate the cost of electricity, as there is no need to run power lines. Additionally, there is no programming of timers involved; they automatically turn on at sundown. These lights can also act as a deterrent, making your yard more visible at night. Installation is as simple as placing the lights, aiming them at the foliage you want seen, and enjoying the view.

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Parts List (Select from Tabs below for more information)

  • Smart Solar Rock Light
  • Moonrays Hanging Planter Kit1x Insteon Lamp Dimmer (Dual-Band)
  • Nature Power Solar Lamp Post

The Smart Solar Rock Light brings a decorative faux rock into your green scape. It blends in and acts as a solar powered spot light. The warm white LED bulb provides a welcoming ambiance and leads your eyes out of the dark and onto your chosen target. Simply choose the plant, decoration, or area you want to illuminate, keeping in mind the solar panel receives direct sunlight (as it is the nature of solar products to require sunlight to charge their batteries). If left in an area of the yard that does not get adequate daytime sunlight then the Solar Rock Light will provide little to no nighttime light. In an instance like this it is best to leave it in an area of the yard that gets the most amount of sun during the course of the day and move it at night as needed.

Smart Solar Rock Light


Place the Rock Light with the light facing the object. Let the solar panel be exposed to direct sunlight for a full day. Now you have a simple and elegant way to increase your curb appeal and enjoy your garden at night.

Hanging Planter

Hanging a basket of flowers on a sunny patio can bring a beautiful pop of color during the day but be a walking hazard at night if there is low clearance. Bring the colors out at night by illuminating it with the Moonrays Hanging Planter Kit. This not only eliminates the problem of going bump in the night, more importantly it allows you to see your hanging plant and all its beauty. The solar panels allow this light to work wirelessly and without hassle or operating costs. To ensure optimum performance of the light make sure this Hanging Planter is hung in an area that will receive as much sunlight over the course of the day as possible.

Moonrays Hanging Planter Kit


The Hanging Planter Kit comes pre-assembled so you can simply hook the chains to your basket of flowers. Hang in a sunny area, and enjoy your plants day and night.

By adding a decorative Lamp Post to your green scape, you can create depth and contrast while providing a light source at night. The Nature Power Solar Lamp Post gives you the elegant style without committing running electrical wires to a singular location. Because of the solar integration, you gain the benefit of light where ever you move it to without the hassle of running power. The lamp post is constructed of die cast plastic columns making it rust and weather-resistant, so there is no maintenance required. It will turn on automatically as the day turns to night and then turn off automatically come dawn.

Smart Solar Rock Light


Anchors are included to secure the Lamp Post to the ground. Through the use of solar power this lamp post is completely self-sustaining however it is important to make sure that it is setup in an area that receives direct sunlight to ensure optimum performance. When anchoring the lamp post use the base as a marker for the placement of the holes onto a solid level surface. Use the provided anchors and spring pads into the drilled holes. Put the base onto the screws and secure with the nuts using a wrench. Make sure the base is secure before screwing the sectioned post then top with the solar light.