Set The Perfect Mood for Valentines Day

Set the mood for Valentine's Day or any other special event with Insteon-compatible lighting control. Using your home's existing wiring, these products connect in seconds for whole-house mood lighting at the press of a button.

Basic One-Button Mood Lighting

Whether you're automating your dining room, your bedroom, or your entire house, an easy way to get started is to purchase two plug-in lamp modules that turn lamps into instant dimmers and also a mini remote to control the lamps from the comfort of the couch or bed. Just press a couple of buttons to link each LampLinc module to the included controller. The Insteon Mini Remote will turn on and dim lamps individually or turn on multiple lamps in scenes that can include every light in your home. Each connected lamp can fade on at a different rate, and each can come on to a specific brightness level to help you to set the perfect mood for your evening. You can include more Insteon Lamp Dimmers to meet your needs. You can also connect fans, fountains, or other appropriate appliances to each scene by plugging them into Insteon Appliance modules, which should be used for non-dimmable lights. You can even control switched lights with your Insteon Mini Remote.

Expand Your Insteon Lighting Control

Once you've set up your Insteon kit, you can expand to include wall switches in any room.The Insteon SwitchLinc Dimmer wires in like a standard switch with an additional connection to the neutral wire (found in most homes). This attractive dimmer controls loads up to 600 watts (a 1000-watt version is also available), and it can also be controlled remotely using your Insteon Mini Remote, so you can add lights into scenes or turn them off from your bed. For non-dimmable lights (such as fluorescent) or ceiling fans, connect a Insteon SwitchLinc Relay (Non-dimming) instead. Switches and wall plates are also available in almond, black, brown and gray, and the LED colored light bars can be changed as well. See the full SwitchLinc family and find the right switch for your home.

Advanced Lighting Control Options

The Insteon Mini Remote isn't your only option for controlling and dimming lamps and switches remotely. By wiring in an Insteon KeypadLinc Dimmer, you'll not only have direct control of the connected load, but you'll also be able to program the keypad to control multiple additional lights or scenes with the press of a button. Of course, each connected light can be dimmed or brightened and programmed to come on at a different rate. You can also manage your lighting with your computer: Try our FREE HouseLinc Desktop Software.

Other Romantic Options

Valentine's Day is a time to surprise your significant other with romantic gestures, so get creative! Smarthome can help with a wide variety of products, such as fireplace adapters that allow for remote control from the comfort of your couch, or electric and battery-operated candles, which can help to set the mood without any danger of burning down the house. However you choose to celebrate, have a happy Valentine's Day!