Nine Products That Could Save You Thousands

1. Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker Doubles as a Security Monitoring Device

Heavy sleepers beware! Research shows that an alarming number of adults are not woken by standard smoke detector alarms during a fire, a number that climbs drastically for heavy-sleepers and the hearing impaired. A bed shaker is a proven way to ensure you are woken during a fire in your house.

The Known Dual Alarm Clock with Wireless Alarm Monitoring Receiver is among the most advanced alarm clocks in the world. Able to sync up with your fire protection and security systems, you can make sure that you will never sleep through a disaster. Along with the proven bed-shaker, this alarm clock can also trigger a bedside lamp and produce a 95db buzzer.

2. Protect Yourself from Identity Theft and Pickpockets

Pickpockets have a new advantage in the ways they can steal your money. Banking and credit card companies are issuing cards with embedded RFID chips. These chips have a built in security flaw which allows tech-savvy credit thieves to 'scan' and obtain information on your credit card without ever touching your wallet.

The Rouge Wallet has advanced RFID scanning protection, keeping the information in your wallet, in your wallet. The Rouge wallet also has a patented shape that allows it to conform to your front pocket, making traditional pick pocketing nearly impossible.

3. Build a Safety network of Interconnected Alarms in Your Home Without the Cost and Hassle of Wiring

Reports from the National Fire Protection Association show that people have nearly a 50 percent better chance of surviving a fire if their home has the recommended number of smoke alarms. Reports also show that direct property losses due to fire reach almost $11 billion a year.

The First Alert Onelink Wireless Battery Powered Smoke Alarm - 2 Pack lets you know the instant there is fire danger. A single smoke Alarm is only acceptable for very small homes or apartments; typically most home applications will require multiple alarms (depending on local law). This 2-pack gets you started with the ability to cover two locations within your home; more are recommended. The First Alert Onelink Wireless Battery Powered Smoke Alarm was designed for wireless smoke alarm integration - easily link your alarms together with the press of a button. When one of the alarms sound, they all sound for maximum whole home protection.

The First Alert ONELINK Smoke Alarm can even be linked to the Insteon Smoke Bridge to create email and text message alerts in case of smoke or fire using an Insteon Hub or other central controller.

4. Monitor your Teenager's Driving Habits, Test for Emissions, Track Mileage, and More

While driving, your right foot is your worst enemy when it comes to the amount of money you spend on gas each week. Your car may be rated for 35 MPG, but since this is based on an ideal scenario, you are most likely not reaching this level of savings.

The Car Chip Pro Data Logger allows you to download and analyze your driving habits by providing raw data from your car's OBDII (onboard diagnostics). See graphs and summary reports, records of extreme acceleration & braking, gas mileage reports, engine parameters and more. All data is time-stamped as well so this information is great for contesting traffic tickets and accidents.

5. Protect the Equipment in Your Home From Electrical Surges

A common misconception is that power surges are primarily cause by lighting or some other external source. The fact is that many power surges originate from inside the house. Any high-power electrical device (such as a refrigerator or washing machine) can cause power to surge in your home circuit which can damage other devices in your home.

The Intermatic Whole House Hardwired Surge Suppressor provides SE (service entrance) and sub-panel protection against power surges. Offering a higher capacity to handle surge energy over standard plug-in strips, the Whole House Surge Suppressor keeps all electronic equipment safe from surges and spikes. Also backed by a $10k Connected Equipment Manufacturer Warranty, you can't beat that.

6. Prevent Dryer Fires With a Lint-Removal Vent Cleaning System for Any Size Vent

Want something that costs you money every month and could light your home on fire? No? Well, you may already have it.

Lint fires are no joke. Clothing dryers are associated with over 15,600 fires, 20 deaths and 370 injuries each year mostly caused by lint deposits in the dryer exhaust vents. The best way to prevent these types of fires is to periodically clean your dryer vents. The best way to do that is with the LintEater System. The rotating lint trap brush will clean your vents (up to 24' long) with ease and also provides the added bonus of increased dryer efficiency, saving you money every time you dry your clothes.

7. An Innovative Stove Cleaning System With Extension Rods

Regularly cleaning your stove is a necessity for preventing flue fires and the standard DIY option of cleaning with brushes can be a daunting and time consuming task!

The Sooteater Stove Cleaning and Extension Rods Combo Kit stove and fireplace flues with a spinning chimney whip that removes dangerous soot and ash buildup better than a brush. Cleaning from the bottom up the Stove Cleaning Combo Kit fits any drill for fast and efficient cleaning.

8. Ultraviolet Air Treatment System Provides a Healthier Breathing Environment

They're in the air ducts! Airborne bacteria travels throughout your home using the very system that keeps you and your family warm and cozy at night. With healthcare costs rising, the cost of getting sick is getting to be a bigger hit on family budgets each year.

Honeywell's UV Lamp Airborne Bacteria Treatment System is an innovative solution to killing airborne bacteria that travels through your home's ductwork. The UV is easy to install, simply drill a hole using the included template into your central air duct, plug in and begin zapping bacteria. Utilizes UV technology similar to the ones used in hospitals, laboratories and commercial kitchens and is easy to add to your existing heating and cooling system. The unique Honeywell solution kills up to 70% of bacteria passing through the system.

9. Instant Water Leak Detection and Alerts

The risk of water damage in a home is high. In fact, it is one of the most common home insurance claims. Every year millions of homeowners suffer billions of dollars in losses. But these losses can be reduced or even avoided altogether with the Insteon Leak Sensor.

The Insteon Leak Sensor alerts you so you can stop the leak before damage to your home occurs. Other leak sensors on the market require running wires or drilling holes, the Insteon Leak Sensor is an all-in-one design. This makes it super simple to install and ideal for placing in tight areas. Simply add as many sensors as you'd like to the Insteon Hub (sold separately) and get instant alerts delivered via text/email to your smartphone.

Insteon Water Leak Sensor

Insteon Water Leak Sensor
Insteon Water Leak Sensor
Insteon Water Leak Sensor
Insteon Water Leak Sensor