Keep Unwanted Pests Away From Your Home

Chances are pretty good that you have encountered a curious animal wandering around in your yard or maybe you had to defend yourself from blood-thirsty mosquitoes. Though most encounters are a part of outdoor life, they can be an inconvenience, especially when trying to maintain a healthy yard and garden, or while having an outdoor activity such as a barbeque. Be it a stray pet, curious wildlife, or an entire army of insects, Smarthome provides a variety of solutions to make all seasons of the year comfortable by discouraging animals and insects from entering into your home.

Benefits of Using Pest Control Products

  • Keeps potentially diseased insects and animals away
  • Discourages aggressive, predatory animals from entering on to property
  • Helps to maintain a healthy and enjoyable garden or yard free of pests
  • Harmless to humans while remaining humane and effective on animals and insects

Animal Deterrents

There are many types of different animal deterrents that can be safely used in or around your home. Such solutions utilize different types of technology and methods to keep animals away from your property. Most solutions use a combination of motion sensing, sound projection, flashing lights, or water to effectively and humanely keep curious animals away. Below are a few examples of popular and effective animal deterrents.

Contech Electronics Scarecrow Water Spraying Animal Repeller

Using a combination of Passive Infrared motion sensing and water, this solution deters animals from entering into a specific part of your home. Once motion is detected it sprays water causing the encroaching animal to run off. Install a 9V battery, stick it into your yard's soil, attach a garden hose and it's ready to stand guard 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It's ideal for chasing off most animals and it even works on birds.

Solar Powered Sonic Mole, Gopher, and Rodent Deterrent

Rodents are very destructive and intrusive. They can carry dangerous diseases, tear apart a home's wiring and infrastructure, and cause havoc within a yard by eating vegetation and digging holes. This solution generates sonic noise to ward off such nuisances. The sonic noise pulses every 30 seconds and causes ground dwelling rodents to move away from the now noisy environment. It's environmentally friendly, uses solar energy for power, and is water resistant. This type of deterrent doesn't affect you or your pets and has an incredible range of 7,500 square feet (or 1/6th of an acre).

Nite Guard Solar Powered Night Predator Light

The majority of predatory animals hunt after the sun goes down and under the veil of darkness. This solution uses a flashing red LED to keep predators away from your home because they see the flashing red light as a threat which causes them to keep their distance. It uses solar energy for power and can easily handle outdoor temperatures well below zero. It's water resistant and has a visual range of up to 1/2 mile making it suitable for long range deterrence. Attach it to a post, tree, fence, and other areas that are vulnerable from predatory attack such as a chicken coop or dog house.

Spray Shield Animal Deterrent Spray

Having animal deterrents around your home works well, but what happens if you come across an aggressive animal while out for a walk? For such a situation, a different solution is needed. This defensive spray was developed specifically for aggressive animal encounters. When the trigger is pressed, a strong 10 foot stream of citronella (natural oil used in many human, animal, and environmental applications) infused spray shoots out. The strong smell of the citronella spray surprises the receiving animal causing it to scurry away. This solution is humane, pain-free, and will not increase aggression. It won't harm humans and can even be used indoors and for training purposes.

Insect Deterrents

Mosquitoes and other flying insects can carry dangerous diseases that could threaten your life. To battle against such potential threats, insect deterrents incorporate many unique types of technology to ward off most flying insects from hanging around or entering into your house. Many of these insect deterrents use capture and elimination methods to manage the insect population around your home. From UV technology to magnetic screen doors and everything in between, there are solutions available with the ability to efficiently handle the majority of your insect related problems.

Dynatrap Technology and the Dynazap

Are flying insects making indoor and outdoor living a challenge? Start fighting back with a premium 24 hours, seven day a week solution. Dynatrap technology features a combination of three effective methods to capture and eliminate flying insects such as mosquitoes, flies, wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, moths, stink bugs and more. There are no chemicals, sprays, electronic zapping, or propane needed and it is safe enough to be placed anywhere you feel it will have the greatest impact.

The Dynazap combines electrical elimination with a fly swatter and makes for a more direct method of dealing with intruding insects. It's foldable and extends up to three feet, keeping you at a safe distance from an insect.

Bug off Instant Screen Door with Magnetic Closure

Keeping insects from flying into your home can be a challenge. Flies, mosquitoes, and anything else with wings are probably unwelcomed guests. Keep insects out of your home with a smart-screen. It doesn't require any tools for installation and uses magnets that automatically bring its curtain-like panels back together. It's easy for people and pets to enter and exit through and most of all, keeps unwanted flying insects from entering into your home.

Bite Shield Portable Mosquito Repellent

Your home may feature some great insect deterrents, but what happens when you leave to go out and enjoy the day? Perfect for picnics, camping, fishing, or any other outdoor activity, this mobile solution attaches to a belt and is effective in repelling biting insects such as mosquitoes through its use of projecting natural oil known as Geraniol. It provides quiet operation and deterrence up to 15 feet in diameter.

Rechargeable Insect Vacuum

Though not necessarily a deterrent, this unique solution captures and eliminates insects that find their way into your home. Its long neck assures that you will always remain at a slight distance from the offending insect while the vacuum feature captures and seals it away. At the base of the unit is an electrical grid that zaps (eliminates) and stores the captured insect. It's rechargeable, contains no hazardous chemicals or glues and is an easy to use solution for anyone one in the family.